1.6.4 BBM not opening 'italicized' Drumkits for editing

On my MAC (10.12.5) no problem in the past opening loaded drumkits for edit. I can dbl click on the kit name (for instance italicized NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio XRp listed as ‘Local to Project’) in my list and click ‘yes’ to the prompt but the work space screen remains blank. I can however open those with a blue check box (listed as ‘User Library Drumset’). Did a link get lost and needs resetting when I managed files perhaps? The pop-up ‘Uncheck to remove from project’ doesn’t make sense here since there is no check box with these.

I have since gone back to the folder where the projects reside and suspect syncing to iCloud being on has played havoc here. Since I don’t access/use some files they may have gone to the cloud. I’m downloading and seeing some come back as accessible but a lengthy process and some quirky BBM behavior too maybe as it’s accessing files that are now available in the folder?

  • which version of the BBM are you using?
  • unless you changed the location of your bbworkspace folder, files, folders and drum sets from the BBM should not be getting synched with iCloud. By synching, do you mean backing up to iCloud? even if you are, it should not affect the BBM and existing files.
  • check that your BBM > Tools > Set Workspace Location is in ~ user/Documents/bbworkspace folder; if not, reset it
  • also check the location of where your project is saved by hovering on Project Explorer on the left pane; if not saved in your bbworkspace, need to File > Save Project As to the proper location; see screen shot for an example
  • when you double-click an italicized drum set, are you getting a prompt as in the next screen shot? if not, make sure it’s not behind your BBM window or some other window on your Mac
  • when trying to open an italicized drum set, does it show any activity such as “Generating wav files”?

Once again you are flawlessly correct. I apparently created my own set of issues by moving the location. The clever Singular folks know these things and protected the project files with that default location. I do indeed get the pop up screen you mention but the files were inaccessibly uploaded in the cloud except for some recently loaded (that was my clue) so no “Generating wav files” . I found you can add the extension ‘.nosync’ to any folder to prevent it from being whisked to the cloud. The cloud is a benefit to unload storage for little used files and these days unavoidable but some of us need to be smarter.

Thanks for the feedback. iCloud can be a friend or a real pain; I use it to just sync Contacts and bookmarks.