2 bar ending trigger option

Triggering the single bar ending can feel a bit unnatural and unsatisfying

[SIZE=4]the ending foot “double click” should be able to be engaged a bar earlier,
with the fill happening over the final bar.[/SIZE]

** the “single bar ending fill” often takes my partner by surprise and distracts me from ending satisfyingly.

Thanks for an amazing product

You can make the ending as many bars as you like. You are going to need to do a bit of midi editing though. Create a two bar midi file with the last bar the end fill and the first bar cut from the main loop.

Also you could try changing fill settings on pedal settings to like 25%

Thanks!, Good suggestion
I’ve been using mostly presets which almost stop under your feet at tempos over 130.
I always seem to think in two bar units, both for count ins and exits
especially as there are often other tasks to perform in addition to beat buddy.
Midi editing is on the TODO now ; )

I agree the default should be at least 2 bars.