2 Beatbuddys together

i have a lot of one press songs with bass but there is no chance during a gig to correct the loudness of bass or drumset. So im thinking about 2 Beatbuddys triggered together. First Beatbuddy plays the drum and second Beatbuddy plays the bass so i have a channel strip for each device. Is it possible that Beatbuddy 1 triggers Beatbuddy 2 or is there any other device that can do the bass part?
Is it possible to route the bass sequence to headphone outut left and the drumpart to the headphone output right?


I don’t know about two beatbuddys together but sounds difficult. In the drumset editor you can change the volume of instruments so to achieve what you are after I would create a number of copys of your with bass drumkit and lower the volumes on the bass instruments. Then it would be a matter of assigning the drumkit to each song based on how loud you want the bass. No chance to change volume on the fly though.

Rock with Bass 100%
Rock with Bass 80%

You could assign drums to one output and bass to the other output but it would require editing the WAV samples in the drumset. You would have to extract all the WAV samples in a kit, Then you could open them in a program like audacity where you could change the balance of the WAV file to left or right and add it back to the kit.

the changing of the WAV Samples would be a opportunity but that means a lot of work!

Yep I hear that but I think it would be easier than tying two beatbuddy’s together. As someone who has spent way more time programming stuff for the beatbuddy than I should have the outcome can be worth the effort. Doing this sort of stuff once you have worked out how to do the first couple of samples and have a work flow it would run pretty quick.

I’ll give you a start.
First off I would make a copy of the drumset in the drumset workspace in BB Manager so you end up with say a “Rock with Bass” and a “Rock with Bass(1)” Say. You can change the name of the kit. Import a copy of your drumkit if your not sure about doing this maybe follow one of Psalms instructionals. Open up the “Rock with Bass(1)” kit for editing. When it comes up with all the samples click on one of the browse boxes next to any sample a to get the location of the folder where all the samples are located. Locate this location in file manager. Mine was

C:\Users\Stuart\Documents\Singular Sound\BeatBuddy Manager\default_lib\drum_sets\Brushes_with_Bass\62-D\Rock_with_Bass Left Right_WAVES I think it was there because I saved something here before. Yours might be different.

Then you can start converting the samples to either left or right.
Open up or Audacity or if you don’t have it download it. Every muso should have this program IMO. Under file and open find the folder your samples are located in and start from the top. This procedure to be repeated for every sample.
Open the sample it will be in stereo. In the top drop down menu select “tracks” - “stereo to mono”. This will create a mono file and then on the track on the left hand side slide the L R balance slider to either left or right depending on which you want to make the drums and which the bass. Then under file “Export audio” and save back to original file. If you were to open this file again you will get a stereo track but only one side will have the WAV and the other side will be flat.
When Exporting audio file be carefull to make sure you save it back to the right file.

Now just do this for every file. It won’t take long. You have done the hard work to this point.

Once you have done all the samples it is finished and you should probably save the drumset in Manager (and share with the rest of us :wink: ).


Hi Stu,
i think thats too much work because i have to do it for every drumset i get. I think its better to use 2 BB.
When i use 2BB i can use drumset without bass at the first bb and drumset with bass at the other bb or drumset with bass at both bb.
I only have to delete the drumset track on the beatbuddy who plays the bass.

The only thing i have to know is: is it possible that bb1 triggers bb2 and how do i have to set it to?


Damn you Werner. Putting Idea’s in my head lol. I have been happy with the way it’s set up at the moment but I couldn’t help myself. I had to go and create a “Rock with Drums Left Bass Right” Drumkit. I don’t know if I will set it up like this at a gig but I think it would work well.

The good news is it only took me about an 1.5hrs to change the standard rock with bass kit into a stereo kit and my instructions in the post above work out. The only problem I had is when saving the new samples I must have been using a higher bitrate and the sample sizes were larger and pushed me over the 100mb limit and I deleted Tom1 and Ride2 which I don’t use to get me under. Next time I would try to keep the file size down.

Rock with Drum Left Bass Right


I like the idea of 2 BB’s because it allows you to separate the drum parts from having to follow the song structure. The drum BB would therefore follow a more realistic approach in certain songs where the drum pattern doesn’t change much except to add a variance between verses or verse and chorus. There is development underway to allow the BB to play midi files more accurately by processing the midi “note off” messages which currently it does not do. This will open up the BB to playing a greater range of instruments with more accurate sounds. A second BB playing just bass notes will have to follow the song structure but that could be controlled by an outside midi controller. The Set List Maker app could control both BBs. It would be interesting to see if additional bass runs would work in the fills section allowing you to vary the bass pattern as well. If the BB wasn’t so expensive I would experiment with this option.

Multiple BB would allow for EQ(ing) separate instruments. One BB for drums, one for cymbals, one for bass…

re triggering bb2 from bb1 to start/stop. The 1.85 midi spec doc I have says the bb supports midi start/stop for both input and output so you could setup bb1 to send start/stop on the midi and setup bb2 to respond to that. So starting bb1 ‘should’ start bb2 at the same time, ditto the stop process.
Not tried it because I don’t have two bb’s but I don’t see why it would not work. Seems like an expensive solution to the problem though when the solution suggested above to have multiple re mixed tracks would be a lot cheaper, just taking some time to setup.

For transitions it will not work as the way i want but for one press songs i think it will work when itt works as “The Big E” wrote.
Is there another small Hardware that can play bass with midi notes?

I think that is the missing piece: another device that will sync with the BB and play the bass part (or any other part) according to a given song pattern freeing up the BB to play as it was originally intended. An iPad with some of the available midi apps might do it. One press songs are fine but they are pretty much a backing track and nothing more. I think the ideal overall setup would be one that does most of the work for you (i.e. automatically changes chords, bass etc. according to song structure) but that allows you to intervene when you want to alter the drum pattern at any point, put in a fill every now and then or jump to playing another verse, chorus or solo if the song is going down well with the crowd. If you use a laptop on stage you can set it up to work this way but I don’t think there is a solution out there that wouldn’t need either a laptop or iPad equivalent.

The more i think about it the more i think about Stu’s solution!
I have to make some tests first.


I made a test and i think Stu’s suggestion is the best and cheapest way to realize it for me!
For this suggestion i have one more question:
when i edit my drumsets “with bass l-r” and load it to bb but dont erase the old drumsets does it slow down the loading process of a drumset?


Guitar Stu- I notice you just posted the left right channel in the rock with bass kit. That is awesome can’t wait to try it out. Most of my OP songs use the Vintage Ludwig Kit with bass - any chance you can do the same with that kit?

Nothing ‘small’ that I could find with a quick search. But any rompler type synth (eg a rack mounted synth) or even a decent keyboard with midi in could be configured to play bass on one patch.

I will make it like Stu’s suggestion. I have no more device more, save money an the work to chnge my 2 more drumsets is not so much.
Maybe the developer of the drumkits can do the L+R Version of tghe drumkits the build new?


I try to modify “Ben Cajon with Bass” but where can i find the wave-files that belongs to this kit?
In Wokspace folder there is nothing. Can i export somehow the wave files to my PC?


Sorry Mate I am not going to make any more but the instructions are there if anyone else want’s to do it.

I think you have to open the drumkit up in the drumkit editor in Manager and it will create a folder on your computer with all the wave files. To find the folder, click on the “browse” box next to one of the samples in the drumkit editor and the location of the file on you computer will be in the address box of the open sample popup.

Hi Stu,
no that doesnt work, there is no folder with wave- files after browsing!
Without this wave files i cannot edit my right-left channels for bass and drumkit!
Any other suggestions to try?


It works with every kit that I have tried. Here is a picture of what I am talking about. Other than that I am out of Ideas.