2 x Different Accent hits assigned to each of two footswitches?

Hi folks,
Is it possible to assign 2 x Different Accent hits to each of two footswitches on the external beat buddy pedal?

For example… snare on fs1 kick on fs2. I have a solo and duo which is currently looking for a foot drum solution. I bought the bb a while back and have just started using it. Love the drumkits but want more control over tempo etc which i can get manually using the footswitch…sounds great hey.
So far i’ve worked out the kick…thanks in advance for any help.

I am unsure if you can use two accents I think it might only be one. I can only suggest programming a song file with just a kick drum (I think there is one on the forum somewhere. You can have one switch as an accent (snare) and the other as a tap tempo so you can control the speed.

You cannot have two different accent hits for the same song part.