3/4 straight 8


As has been mentioned 3/4 beats are lacking in the unit, here is my first attempt at a 3/4 beat I have no idea what style it is, I thought Blues at first but who knows, maybe someone can move it to the current genre. I produced this using my electronic kit and used it for the Hymn “Praise to the Lord” yesterday morning. It has an intro, outro, verse with 4 fills, chorus with 4 fills and 2 Transitions.

Hope you find it usefull.


Good job. I like it.

Did it seem like when you played it on the BB that the Toms were hammered compared to what you played and recorded? The Standard drum set Toms have too little variation in the WAV files. Less MIDI velocity doesn’t produce appropriate less volume and softer strike tone.


Thank you, I never thought about it, to me it sounds right. The first time I tried it all the snare hits velocity were 127 so I changed the sensitivity of the pads and did it again. The hihat sounded loud as well so in my DAW I dropped them by -5. All credit to Goran, don’t know how long he must have taken putting all these grooves together as it took me ages for just one, especially getting the rhythms to loop and sound natural.

This is were being able to trigger the samples in the BB from another device would be so useful, as you would then hear what you are triggering. I really hope this will be added to the firmware in the near future.


You were doing this programmatically, while Goran actually played them. With sticks :slight_smile:


Your song is great as is. I saved it. I’m commenting on the BB Standard Toms. If you tried any laid back Tom hits, BB can’t hit the big Toms easy. I’m finding the Standard drum set Toms need a MIDI velocity down to the 20 range before they lighten up.


Awesome. Not a whole lot different than the Odd Time #4, but a little more straight up.