4/4 kick drum only for I will wait Mumford and Sons.

Does anyone have just a simple kick drum midi file that can be put into a song. I would love to just have a kick drum for a lot of acoustic songs. Copper Head Road, I will wait-mumford and sons.

Give this a try and let me know if it works for you. I have it set as a 4/4 kick drum using the brushes kit at 131 BPM, which is what I believe Mumford’s I Will Wait is set at. Cheers!

Thank you so much CaryC

I use this beat for Copperhead Road. In this website go to Beats> Other> Simple songs or Simple Beats (not sure which one it may be in both by pineears) get the Beat C1 snare 4s I use this beat at 146 bpm and standard drum kit. It works well for me maybe it will work for you.

Would you happen to have the midi file of that 4-4 kick beat? I need it for the chorus of Sunday Bloody Sunday, which means it has to be a midi, not a .sng file. It’s perfect but BB manager won’t allow it to be inserted in the song I’ve created with the marching beats.

Here’s a simple 4/4 kick…

Perfect. Thank you!!!

Is there anyway you could share your Sunday Bloody Sunday file please?

Not sure why but the forum is saying the .sng for it is too large to upload (1.45MB). Send my your email address and I can email it to you.

@rlumachi You can also upload it elsewhere to the internet (like dropbox) and put the link here.
Thanks for sharing!

I forgot I had a dropbox account. Good idea. Just a little surprised b/c I’ve posted a handful of .sngs and none were too large. ANYWAY, here it is…

I use the FILL in this song to create the silent part of the song. The kick drum 4 count can be triggered several times in a row to create the correct number of measures for the parts that need it. For example, in the part that goes, “How long, how long must we sing this song…How long how long?” you can trigger the fill 5x and end up with the correct number of quieter measures. Hope it helps.

I had that happen to me with a .sng file too. Still don’t know why. I ended up making a few changes to the song and then tried again. Seemed to work. I’ve noticed that this forum is really sensitive to naming… no punctuation marks allowed “except hyphen and probably underscore”

do you also have In the name of Love by U2

I do not. Sorry.

Hi - I’m new to the forum and am trying to find this simple beat. Are you able to re re-post the link? Thanks, Rob

Do you mean a straight 4/4 kick drum with nothing else?

Here you go - a straight 4 kick drum.4_4_Kick.sng (1.2 KB)

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Thanks Cary - that’s perfect!!