404 Error - BB Manual / Quick start on support site

Any idea why the BB manual and the quick start guide is not available on the product site?

It looks like the website is being updated as it looks totally different today. If you PM me I can send you the pdfs in the meantime as I just downloaded the latest a few weeks back.

As soon as I can find the way to PM you, I will. I haven’t found the option even after viewing user profiles, etc. I am sure it’s staring me in the face.

Click on the user name. Click on Start Conversation. That’s a PM on this forum.

Appreciate the info Phil - however I do not have a “start conversation” option on the pop-up member profile screen. See attached. In addition to that I do not have the “Start a new Conversation” option as referenced in the post within “Tips and Tricks” section

How strange?? The start conversation for Guitar1969 shows up when I click on his username. Weird things going on in cyberspace.

That is weird - I just PM’ed you directly so you should now see it in your inbox in upper right hand corner.
If you just opened your BB forum account maybe you need to confirm your email before you have the conversation option. There might me a n email from the forum you need to click.

Got the PM and responded. Now if I can only start conversations. Thought that may have triggered the ability.