6 button footswitch

Similar to the Helicon 6 button footswitch, you could have more control mapping so it could be easier to use on stage (but it is already pretty easy). 6 buttons could be a good expansion beyond 2.

How about a midi footswitch?

+1 vote for midi in control.

+2 for midi in control!!! It would be FANTASTIC live to be able to pause, accent, stop, and access a special song section(aka, bridge) with one tap instead of trying to remember the super nintendo cheat code. up up down up right left right left doesn’t work great on stage :slight_smile:

left-down > up-right + B

Having only 1 pedal + maximum of 2 footswitches is indeed a bit inconvenient. Most likely analog footswitches can eventually get replaced with MIDI-based ones.

I can tell someone else played the same games as me growing up :slight_smile: