6x6 2 min 30 secs max?

Using 2.8.2. I need to be able to get an entire song into Aeros for my project, but trying to import the tracks one-by-one through the main input (while waiting for SD card to work again), the max length of any track is 2 min 30 secs.

I know that the Aeros has song parts, and if you cut up the song into song parts then 2 min 30 secs is pretty lengthy, but I would very much prefer there to be no limitation at all (except for the amount of memory that is left).

Waiting for the SD card to work so I can test this out again. Can you tell me if it will have the same limitation? Is 2 min 30 seconds some sort of imposed limit?

Thanks for posting this… I have the same question. I timed one track on 6x6 mode and got 3min max before it looped automatically. I tried it on 2x2 and got only about 2:30.
This is a major limitation.