A Few Questions Please, I'm sure will help.

I am quite sure that if I could get a few answers to these it would help a great deal. The BB works well for me up until the time I downloaded new beats and wanted to add them to my BB. I use an iMac Yosemite 10.10.5

  1. Are the factory original beats on the card called a project? Can I add BB songs to it and reserve it?
  2. When I downloaded new beats I put them in a folder below the original list on the side of BB Mgr. OK?
  3. I did not have my SD Card in the computer at the time, once I was done with the songs I put the card in to the computer. I tried to sync, window pops up & says “browse to pedal SD location”. I select the UNTITLED card on left under devices. Window pops up says "Destination project at File is not linked. Use File> Export> Project to SD card instead. I select OK and do as they say. Window pops up again “browse to Pedal SD location” again I select card under devices and select “Open”. Window pops up "Unable to create destination folder / Drumsets. What would you like to do Abort or Retry. If I retry…same thing, if I select abort…“Aborting by user request”
  4. I can play the drum beats or BB Songs as they are called within the BB Mgr, but I am unable to load them on an SD Card.
  5. The SD Card I am using plays in the BB Pedal and has all the beats that it came with upon purchase.
    I have gone through all the tutorials numerous times and read documents, but I am stumped and perhaps I am just doing something wrong.
  6. I saved/as the BB Mgr with the original beats plus the added folder I made, I exported the songs out of the first folder I had and imported them into a new folder “Country 2” and saved / as “projectmarch” and thought this would do it? I tried to open this project file. Window pops up /Users?LBT/Documents?BBWorkspace/user_lib/projects/projectmarch - Project is not a valid project file" I select OK.
    I am out of ideas but perhaps you may know what I am doing wrong. I like the beats in the pedal but would like to use the pedal to its ability.
    I know this is long to read, but I needed to be clear about what was going on.
    Thank you kindly for any guidance I receive on this.

Started conversation, please read and get back to me. Thanks

The tutorials are good at describing the mechanics of using BBManager but it’s difficult to grasp the concepts behind how the BBManager works from them. A good rule to start with is to only do file manipulation in BBManager - if you’re using the operating system’s file manager to move stuff around and save stuff, it won’t work. The BBManager has it’s own way of organizing files so you must do file manipulation in BBManager. It sounds like poor design but it’s necessary because of the underlying approach taken in the design. IMO, the BBManager is very well organized - just a little arcane.

To offer more specific help - a project is basically the highest level of organization in BBManager. Each SD card can only hold one project. You can save multiple projects on your computer tuned to specific needs but the SD card can only hold one project. You must manipulate the project from BBManager not using the OS.

The core of a project is the songs and the drum kits. The songs are organized into folders. The drum kits are managed separately within the project. Each folder can hold up to 99 songs organized however you like. The factory project comes with the songs organized by style (rock, pop, blues etc.). Using the BBManager, you can name and organize the folders however you like - by genre, by set list etc. Within a folder, you can organize the songs in any order you want. The footswitches in the BB can be set up to navigate the song lists when the BB isn’t playing. This configuration will allow you to scroll through the songs in the order they’re stored in the folder.

That’s a quick overview.

Thank you very much for the help. I am starting to get it now.

Thank you everyone, I do have a better grasp on this now and am working with it with a much better understanding…regards labren

Thanks very much Rob22315…you have explained it very well, and I have kept your information for reference, very valuable information for understanding the program.

This is an incredibly accurate and very well written explanation. :slight_smile:

In regards to this particular topic, we (the BB team) actually discussed changing the file manipulation to be able to be done on the computer itself (so that only song editing would require the BBManager). However, the issue we found with this is that we would need to basically rebuild from scratch the entire infrastructure of the songs, which would basically render all the current songs “defunct”. This is besides for the amount of time it would take to fully complete the process of course.

So we are taking a different course, and that is the course of redesigning the software to be better and more intuitive. We are first working on fixing the bugs in the current beta version (the one I release to whoever requests) and then we are rebuilding a newer better form of the BBManager. Just letting you all know what’s in the pipeline. :slight_smile:

Thanks. The other part that was difficult for me to grasp was how the drum parts were divided up. Having a short tutorial about intros, main loops, fills, transitions, and outros would be really helpful because most of the folks who buy these specifically aren’t drummers - they’re everyone else in a band because they can’t find a reliable drummer.

I’m willing to help you guys out with putting together these types of materials or reviewing what you’ve got, if that would help.

‘The other part that was difficult for me to grasp was how the drum parts were divided up.’
Absolutely! … using the BBmgr for editing all the subdivisions,
…then not being able to split them again for a ‘roll’ or whatever is a stumbling block …
( having the center timeline is my choice…
but seeing the drumline or bassline playing during the playback would be a nice feature.)
I’m saving all the midi clips I make now …in case I have to use my ‘other’ editor to rework them.
( glad to hear BB is still developing the editor … learning curve is a steep one sometimes.)

I agree with you 100%. This should definitely be added in to our documentation and/or tutorials. Thank you.

Have we found out a way yet to copy or export an instrument from a current BB drumset? I’d like to try taking the Open HH sound and set the choke a little to see if it can simulate a lightly closed HH sound. Is that possible? or perhaps someone has a .wav of that sound already?

I’m amazed at the evolution of the BB, even just since I got mine and joined the forum. The members and staff are helpful and responsive. The forum and staff are worth the purchase price for the BB. I am looking forward to posting my ever-growing list of One Press songs when the official release of the manager come out. Can’t wait!

ME TOO :slight_smile:

That made my day! :slight_smile: