A quick BeatBuddy Story

My duo played a show last night. I play guitar and sing (and run the drums) and the other guy plays piano/keyboard/bass and sings. We have integrated BB drums into nearly all of our songs now.

So a buddy of mine who is a drummer came to the show last night. He’s actually been the drummer in several of my previous bands. After the show he came up and was like “Man, I was always skeptical of electronic drum machines, but that pedal sounds great!” I think he was a little bit jealous! So now I can state that the Beat Buddy is even Drummer Approved!


Thank you for sharing! Awesome!

I had a similar experience back when I started. I tried to recruit a bass played I’d played with before to play in my duo. He declined saying he could never play with a drum machine, the feel would kill him.

I had him sit in when my regular guy was sick (with his blessing – I’m not an ogre!) and when we were done, he said, “Man, I wish I had known it was gonna sound and feel like that when you first asked me. I made a horrible mistake.”

Yes. Yes you did.



They beat, smack, pound, shimmy, jitter, thump, pop, hit, and knock. It jars things loose internally, and I’m not talking about the drums… I know more than a few drummers. :slightly_smiling_face: