Ableton Set not Exporting to MIDI Properly

For some reason, my latest live set in Ableton (Tyler by Toadies) isn’t exporting the way I want it to. When I try to “Export to MIDI Clip” I’m only getting two measures of the song. It’s only exporting one of the portions of the song I created instead of the whole song. When I select multiple sections, it greys out “Export to MIDI Clip” . . . not sure what I’m doing differently from the first two DOP beats I created.

Tried to upload my Live Set but forum isn’t accepting file type.

Zip it and then upload it.

Here you go (22 Bytes)

I think I found at least one way to fix it by selecting the entirity of the track and clicking “consolidate” . . . even though I liked it segemented for easy editing reference…