About "Beatbuddy" and "Infinty looper" cannot MIDI sync

I tried for a while and read many articles
Can’t solve the problem

  1. After connecting * [Infinty Looper] * to * [Beatbuddy] *
    It seems that no MIDI signal is received (the red ARM of looper 1 does not flash)
  2. However, try to connect the old YAMAHA keyboard to the Infinty MIDI interface, it can be synchronized with the keyboard MIDI clock (under the same settings)
  3. I tried all settings (regardless of whether sync is turned on or not), and the driver has also been updated
  4. The keyboard and recording interface can receive MIDI notes from Beatbuddy

I use Google to translate into English, hoping to express my meaning correctly

Thank you for translating.

See if this helps: Getting the BeatBuddy to work with the Infinity looper

Please let us know how it turns out.

I have read this article before, but unfortunately, I did not find the same example as mine.
Since the “ARM” indicator did not even flash when connected (in other people’s examples, at least the “ARM” indicator would flash)

Thanks for your reply

It sounds like each pedal works on its own or with other pedals but just not with each other.

You should contact Support, support@singularsound.com for help.

While you wait for Support, try downloading and reinstalling fresh copies of the firmware for the Infinity and the BeatBuddy. Make sure you don’t have a defective MIDI patch cable and that it’s properly connected between the BeatBuddy MIDI Sync Adaptor, MIDI patch cable and the Infinity.

If you have the Infinity app installed on your computer, please post screen shots of your Infinity settings. What are your BeatBuddy MIDI settings?

Hello Darkyou,
I work with this combination for more than two years now and it is solid. Check all settings on both devices and cables involved. Push the midi cable of BB firmly in. The ARM lamp should flash indeed. So far it sounds like there is something about the settings of BB. Try combining your Yamaha keys with BB, and/or snifing the midi out of the BB with midi tools on a tablet or PC.
I have had the Infinity replaced by an Aeros looper six months ago, but nowdays the Infinity is back in my (due to Covid rarely used) live looping rig, as Pigtronics does allow loading songs with midi PC commands, while Singular Sound sees that as an advanced feature and has banned it to the far future of the Aeros. Only problem I ever had was that slight drifting of BB’s tempo can really disturbe Infinity.

Suitable utilities include Pocket MIDI, Midi-Ox or Midi Monitor

Both devices have been updated at least ten times. I believe that the settings and connections are correct (wrong tried too). The text on the BB MIDI cable was all erased by my hands (this is a new purchase). I tested it for a week, but still couldn’t find the answer. Regarding the settings of Beatbuddy and Infinity, I tried almost all the combinations one by one. I tried all modifiable ones. The only thing that makes the “ARM light” flash on the looper is when the “MIDI note” is turned on (but the flashing is very irregular)
But I am glad that at least I found a place for discussion here. Since I went out to work for a few days, I will take a screenshot for everyone to see when I get home, and then try to contact the support department.
I don’t understand the meaning and purpose of “separate MIDI from BB”?
I hope that the current problem can be solved without adding other equipment. I very much need to simplify the equipment for street performances.

Hi Darkyou,

Or anyone else out there who has had this problem, any chance you were ever able to resolve this issue? I am experiencing the same exact problems you have described in this thread.

I am trying to sync my BeatBuddy to my Infinity Looper and after days and countless hours of trouble shooting I am coming to the same conclusion, when connecting the two devices via MIDI, the Arm light on the looper will not blink at the start of each new measure on the BeatBuddy and it doesn’t appear like the devices are synced at all.

I have updated firmware on both devices, played with all the settings on both devices multiple times as recommended on the various forums, ordered new chords, spent an hour on the phone with the techs at Sweetwater and I am still coming up empty.

Anything anyone can do to help me figure what the heck I am missing to get these two devices synced would be greatly appreciated.

It is still unresolved, I have given up connecting them together :disappointed_relieved: