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I am trying to download the song Take Five (please search to find it) There are no links in the post. The old forum has the download link. But I cant get at it because my account needs to be verified via email on the old forum. The emails are not sent (several attempts). My email is fine because I have successfully reset my password today via email. Was the song migrated to the new forum? Can I get access to the old forum?

I have a “blank” midi file created with the BBM
It contains 4 bars with a single beat at velocity 1
I use it as a “NULL INTRO” for several songs & it works fine
HOWEVER…When I include this in any song as the OUTRO & press the Main pedal to end the song, the Beat Buddy says it’s playing the OUTRO but it just plays a few more beats from the song & then ends
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I am a Newbie. I have a Mac, downloaded BBM and transferred everything to the Documents file . It seems work however when I try to import a song I download from the forum I hit a wall. I have also had the un-zipped versions transferred to the documents file. I am afraid to try my SD card since the BB works for my jams but I would love to have full use of it. Also when I try to follow any link to mybbmanager.com it always tells me the server can’t be found.

How can I add a song file is this forum?

Anyone here experience the bb volume output being muted while the unit is playing ?
The abnormality occurred when selecting a rhythm , then adjusting a tempo change during a live performance. Using a SS foot switch. The bb was observed to be operating normally in play/fill/pause mode … but just no volume output from the output jack. - The unit did pass an external audio signal that was inputted. just no bb playback. The bb was re-booted and the problem went away. Thx for your thoughts.

I seem to be having a problem with the footswitch. I start out at a gig and everything is working fine, but half way through I lose the function of the right foot switch. When I do a configure, the right switch is not detected. Where can I get this fixed? Also, the power supply cord died. The wire is very small and fragile for something that should be stronger for active musicians. Where does one obtain a new power supply.

My Beat Buddy won’t turn on… tried different power sources but nothing works

Beatbuddy not send/receive MIDI data in USB port?

Hi, I have just received my brand new Beatbuddy but, … when I plug in the power, nothing happens ??
No sound, no light . . nothing ??
Can anyone please help ??
Regards Andrew.

Hi all.
I’ve got a Mac Pro with 10.7.3 and I’m getting a crash when importing a song. It’s weird that I can drag and drop a song within BBmanager. But then of course the original is no longer in it’s folder. I did see something about a guy getting it to work on an Apple of my generation, but the post was from 2015 or something. He talked about reinstalling a project for each gig/setlist. But then I also read that a new project should only be instantiated once.

here: Export to SD Card forcing an "abort"

So if there is no recourse for me here, and I have to borrow my brother’s win10 laptop, do I have to wipe the Sd card and reinstall everything?

Another option I saw was to run bootcamp and get win XP going. But that was an old post and I remember seeing that Vista is now the oldest windows os supported.

Alright, hope you can help,
Eric Fischer