'Accent' footswitch doesn't work within DAW

Dear Friends,

I’m testing the BeatBuddy to trigger MIDI drums.

Both the Left & Right Boss FS-5U non-latching connected footswitches with a splitter cable works perfectly with BeatBuddy itself. When the BB’s connected to stereo speakers (or headphones) if playing any pattern, pressing the typically configured Accent-set #1 footswitch and the Pause/Unpause-set #2 footswitch work properly as they should.

But when BeatBuddy is MIDI’d into Addictive Drums 2.1 (or any VST drums) in Sonar Platinum the Accent #1 footswitch does not work, only the Pause/Unpause #2 footswitch works.

Everything is configured properly, and MIDI-wise works fine within Sonar except the #1 Accent footswitch, despite testing other possible/alternate settings on the BeatBuddy’s Footswitch options.

I’ve swapped identical functions, and even tried to set the #2 footswitch to be the Accent instead of Pause/Unpause but that made no difference either. Somehow the Accent feature itself refuses to work either way.

Again, everything works fine when connected directly to speakers and using the BeatBuddy normally. Only the Pause/Unpause-set #2 footswitch will work within Sonar, just not the Accent-set #1 footswitch.

Current BB Footswitch Settings are:
Footswitch Detector
Left & Right = Momentary Normally On (or Off)
1st Switch Stopped = No Action
1st Switch Playing = Accent Hit
2nd Switch Stopped = Song Advance
2nd Switch Playing = Pause/Unpause
Accent Hit = Source -> Default
Volume Accent Hit = +0 db (default)

Any expert advice would be appreciated. Welcome to email directly randbowman @ outlook.com

Thanks in advance…