Accent hit not working

hi guys my bb foot switch isn’t operating my accent hits, it’s not working in the bb manager software either, anybody got any ideas, thanks

Well there are lots of things it could be. I could ask you one question at a time but that would not help - so more info from you is vital as the Manager software and the the BB are independent from each other.


  1. Has it ever worked?
  2. If yes, when did it stop working, and what did you do before it stopped working.
  3. Can you hear any beats from the manager software or BB.
  4. Have you run the footswitch detector?
  5. Can you pause or do anything with the pedal
  6. Which button are you clicking in the manager software.
  7. Can you hear any sound out of your computer?
  8. What OS are you running?

That should be enough to be getting on with.