Accent hits delayed when BB controlled by morningstar mc6

Has anyone come accross this issue?
Or am i doing something wrong here.
The accent hit sound is delayed by fraction of second while triggered by mc6. I am sure the midi setting is set to PRESS, CC#110, value 100.
My external footswitch triggers in real time.

The latency depends on the switch sensitivity selected. You could change it to 5 (max) as a global sensitivity setting in the Controller settings or as a bank-based setting engaging the Looper Mode for a particular bank. There seems to be a switch-based setting in the latest 3.9 beta version which you can also try (link below)

Thanks @lugoluis i wasn’t aware of this, i will try and get back with the outcome.

Hey @lugoluis many thanks to you, it worked when i set sensitivity to 5.

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You’re welcome. The only drawback with that is that you can’t perform the doble-switch press operations (like to scroll up and down banks) because you’d have to be super precise to hit the two switches at the same time (hardly doable)

That’s were the new feature added to FW 3.9 (beta) comes in. Presumably (I haven’t tried it) you can select the Looper mode on a per-switch basis, which would work nicely for the BB accent switch. Looper mode is equivalent to switch sensitivity 5.

Anyway, cheers!

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Thanks for the heads up, yeah that i noticed while entering edit mode which requires switch D and F pressed together, it did not enter to edit mode for several presses. Now that explains why.
May be sensitivity 4 will serve better/balance both utility.

You could always try out FW 3.9. It’s super easy to go back in case the controller exhibits issues for you.


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