Accessing loops quickly on the Aeros

How quickly can you access loops? I would love to use Aeros live with my band for impromptu jamming but currently have stoop down and change loops which sucks! Pedal access to scroll through loops would be awesome!

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Right away.
I record the BB and guitar while playing a verse. And then sing the chorus, ie. second part… And then play a bit of lead over the recorded verse loop. The so on. Took some practice.
Check out the videos on the product page and the other ones on youtube. They really helped me. I had never used a looper before so the Aeros and BB are all I know.

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Does anybody know how to add a direct out on the spark 40?

When using version 5.0.0 you can now use the Hands Free Slide Out menu to go to the Next or Previous song in the Album hands free
Oh yeah, and we added albums (with custom order possible)!