Accessing Samples

Hey All,

I want to build my beats within Ableton, and would like to have the kit(s) set up as they are in BBmanager. So when i rehearse a beat it sounds as it will in / on my Beat Buddy. I`ve been getting around this by haviung generic samples in place… But would like to be able to do with the kits i have in BB.

What i can`t seem to do is access the samples of the kits. Can anyon help me with this?


Annnnnnnnnd all sorted. Now I just need to find the delete this thread button! Hmmmmmmmmm

Why not post the answer, and leave the thread?

It seemed completely obvious once I worked it out hence my previous post.

I’m on a Mac, I just used the search bar for “all files on this Mac” and typed in “JAZZ” as I just purchased the JAZZ kit and wanted to use those samples. And there they were in all their glory. I assume same goes for BRUSHES, VINTAGE etc etc.