Accidental deleting


Total noob question. I was attenpting to put together a new song for the first time and when I finished it I went to sync the project with my SD card, the option to sync was not available so I tried to solve the issue. Anyway, long story short I seem to have completely lost the default project and even when I download the content from the beat buddy site the default project doesn’t appear.

I don’t know what I did but is the default project gone for good?

Also, I should add that while Im completely positive about this product, the software needs some serious upgrading in the user-friendly department, Im generally stupid at this stuff to start out but this software is so ridiculous with the lack of drag and drop etc.

Thanks guys!

Yes, software can and should be much more user-friendly. I hope BBManager will eventually deliver this.

Why do you need the default project? You can simply create a new one via Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal if you select the folder where you have unpacked downloaded content archive to in an opened dialog.

Hiya, thanks for the reply man! When I download the stuff I have to individually inport the drum sets and songs etc. its annoying because Ive nothing on the pedal to jam with until I do that. But maybe its as simple as you’ve pointed out and I’ve missed something.

I was in a rage the other night when I posted and I’ve not had time to get back to it yet but yeh the sooner the softwares updated the better

Hi, I seem to have lost the content in manager. If I connect the pedal, select
Import export - import project from pedal , select YES the folders appear but I only have the option to SAVE
I don,t seem to be able to re populate manager

Why don’t you just click save? You have to save the project somewhere.
If you have already done it once, then within BBWorkspace > Userlib you will see PROJECTS this is where the BB manager stores every project you import by default. You will Most likely find the project in there.

Thanks Psalm40, I downloaded the content onto the SD card but when I synchronize with the manager and the pedal the content is not
re appearing in manager. Am I missing the obvious ?

So. Let’s begin right from the start.
You say you have downloaded the content to the SD card. Does your pedal correctly recognize it and plays?
If yes, and you want this content to appear in BBManager, all you need to do is Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal and select the SD card location.

Hope this helps!