According to the diet and supplementation

According to the diet and supplementation can achieve greater efficiency in the pursuit of the perfect body

There are many studies on the effect MEGATROPIN of the composition of fatty acids in the diet, which induces in some form or another on the corpoal fat and muscle tissue, knowing that thanks to other studies, the omega-6 inhibit fat accumulation with increasing muscle mass; probably polyunsaturated vegetable fatty acids all have this effect and to prove it, researchers at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland developed an animal study, which followed a diet of up to 60% of daily calories from fat.

To begin, scientists gave rats half the amount of food you normally eat for a few weeks, consequently they lost weight, but then were given a diet high in fat and high in calories for four weeks, what they He added weight again, but the type of fat varied from one group to another.