Add a notes field to songs

Need a place to jot down reminders of beatbuddy settings (and still might be useful after there is better BB 2-way midi control), or whatever you want.

Simple, generally useful feature that people will use in all sorts of crazy ways.


Agreed. The ability to edit the song name on Aeros would work in a pinch, but notes would be better.

We are looking into this with the designer, no promises just yet, but David is interested in pursuing this.

More news soon, thanks!

Seems a bit of overkill for an Edit Box…

It is part of other designs that must be implemented, there is also not a lot of space!

Not a lot of space on the scrollable edit page? No need to display the notes on the stopped page. You can edit it to see it.

If you want to go beyond MVP, how about an info icon and pop up more info in a scrollable page. That’s not really needed.