Add an Instant Power Switch for $3.50

I’ve used these for other pieces of equipment that didn’t have a power switch, so tried one on my Beat Boy (my preferred name for the product). It fit perfectly and worked nicely. Plug one end into the Beat Boy, and the other end into the power supply. No more yanking the power cable out of the back of the darned thing! You can get two for $7 on Amazon.


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Thanks plainsong. That’s handy and dandy. I just ordered two.

Interesting !

Good catch PlainSong,
Thanks, I just purchased the Mini 2 and was trying to figure out how to kill the display when not in use, cause I didn’t want to leave it on 24/7, I didn’t think that would be good for the unit.
I was thinking about using a power strip with a switch to power up my entire pedalboard, but your idea is better, I can kill just the BeatBuddy when not in use.
I’ll check back in when mission is accomplished. :+1:

Why not just put the pedal to sleep using the settings? To power everything down, I use a power strip instead of individual pedal switches.

Sleep mode is not power off , I guess ?

It’s not but it turns the display off which may (or not) prolong it’s life.