Add Loop Count

What I would love to see, if we can’t get MIDI soon, is to be able to set a loop count on a main loop. At the end of a loop, if fills are available, trigger one. The last loop would trigger a transition, and go to the next loop. The pseudo code is easy and basically requires two variables, loopCount, and currentLoopCount:
[ATTACH=full]1255[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]1256[/ATTACH]

Setting loop 1 loopCount to 4 would play the Loop, VC1, Loop, VC1, Loop, S, Loop, B and then go to the next loop VC1. If that loop had a loopCount of 0, it would continue to loop like normal. Set it to 1, and it plays once, and triggers the outro.

Easy, right? For those of us who use the BB live to play whole songs, we wouldn’t have to interact with it during the song unless we want to. What happens if we do? It acts just like it does now.

Yes, this is exactly the idea I have in mind to make a Backing Track mode for the BeatBuddy. Doing this will require firmware fixing, and right now I am busy with the software.

Yeay!! Backing Track mode!! Let me know if you need help :slight_smile: I want this yesterday :slight_smile: