Advice on Noisy Beatbuddy

Hi, looking for some help from anyone, I have a Beatbuddy that I purchased just over 2 months ago, since then I have only used it utilising the headphone output and it has been working fine. Today for the first time I tried using the 1/4" output to my amp and was shocked by the noise - I mean really bad hissing sound that was so load that you can barely hear the guitar signal. I tried playing around with reducing the headphone volumes and upping the main volume etc. but no luck. Tried different cables, no change. To be honest the noise I am talking about is so loud that unit would be unusable plugged in through the 1/4" output.? Any advice on what I am doing wrong or what I could do to remedy. (Note I am not using any other pedals etc. in the chain - -just Beatbuddy and amp).

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You have probably checked out your cables to make sure they have a good ground, so we’ll leave that out of the picture. I found that some of the noise problems comes from the jacks that are in the Beat Buddy itself. They do not make a good solid contact and if you “Wiggle” them, you might find that the noise will stop. If so, what you have to do is mount the Beat Buddy on a “Fixed Surface” such as a pedalboard so that it will not move. Once this is done, move the connectors around so as to get a good connection and then leave them alone and try not to disturb them further. This is how touchy they are. Not good but you can live with it once things are tied down. If this is not the problem or solution, then I would contact the support team and see what they have to say.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.