Aeros dead dead dead Fixed

Hi, I bought Aeros last year used it a few times, then bought maestro used Aeros a few more times, Bought Beat buddy last week finally tried to turn it all on and get configured , Aeros turned on and asked to update I said no, now it is bricked as far as I can tell. Will not turn on at all, no idea WTF, I was looking at the other pedals when it died. What can I do?

OK, So I have figured out it is the incompatibility with Strymon power supply that cause the issue. though it worked fine with the same power supply for over a year… it no longer does. After sitting for a few days it turns on with a cheap Donner power supply just fine… or the OEM one but lets be honest who has an extra plug and needs an extra wire running from the wall … I was able to update over wifi once it rested long enough to turn back on a couple days later. It would not turn on the day the problem was detected with the OEM power supply how ever … looks like a new Power supply will need to be purchased… everything is fine.

Make sure you are using the power adapter (PSU) that came with your AEROS.

Remove the SD card, put it in your computer SD slot reader; download, unzip and rename the unzipped file to aeros.bin with power off on the AEROS, insert SD card in AEROS. Power it on.

Are you using an SDHC card no larger than 32GB, class 10? If not, please do so. No need to format a new card.

You can also try substituting the PSU from your BeatBuddy (BB) or Maestro to see if that helps.

If it does not work, contact

Please let us know how you get it restored.

Don’t forget to put the files aeros.bin on your Sd card ALONE, NOT IN ANY FOLDER

hi, problem was the strymon … I changed the title to fixed… no sure if I need to do anything else… you guys run a tight ship in this forum with its awkward interface… let me know if I need to take further action.

it is important to note that the first day with the OEM wall wart it would not turn on… its needed to rest 24hrs

Glad you got it sorted out and thanks for circling back.

Here’s something from an AEROS user’s dialog with Strymon: PSU issues with Aeros and Ojai - #4 by morganjj

I haven’t used my Aeros in a few months - worked great until today, when I tried to start it up and the screen remains black. I tried three different (all working) power sources - it came on for just a moment and then when I shut it down (assuming the problem had been resolved) to move it back to my floorboard, it just went black again and is still dead. Any suggestions?

It sounds like you aren’t getting a solid electrical connection. It should work with the PSU that came with your pedal.

If you still have problems, contact