Aeros doesn’t consistently save songs

I re-recorded backing for a song that had disappeared, then went out to the main menu, chose another song, then went back to the new one and all tracks were empty. Should I press :”save” somewhere?

It should auto save.

Are you using an SD Card?

I just recalled that you were also suffering with another song selection related issue.

Maybe your update was corrupt and the firmware didn’t install correctly. Can you reach out to so we can walk you through reinstalling the firmware?

Hi Anthony,

The song selection and no track deletion issues are still with me. How do I reinstall the firmware?



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PS I have card in the machine but I’m saving songs to internal memory for now.

Track deletion: It is now feasible to overwrite a track. First mute the track when it is selected with a double click on the right hand stomp switch, then hold down the switch until “Record” appears. Wait for the bar before you to wish to begin recording and press the switch once.

Song selection: This issue disappears if you wait for the last song to be loaded when you turn on the Aeros. How do you know? Select “Loop Studio” and wait for the tracks to appear.