Aeros Firmware 2.82

Make sure you have a strong Wifi signal, and check for updates!

  • NEW FEATURE: You can now undo/redo both layers of a track! Hold track footswitch to undo overdub layer, then continue to hold to undo the base layer. To redo in reverse order, hold again to redo base layer (and continue to hold to redo overdub layer).

  • 6x6 NEXT TRACK FORGIVENESS: In 6x6, if you press “Next Track” and go to an empty track, the Aeros will cue a new recording – in this update, if you press “Next Track” again within 1.25 seconds, that new track will be deleted and you will go back to Track 1. This makes it less likely you will accidentally record a new track.

  • Fixed undone layers becoming redone after stop/start all.

  • Now both active track layers in 2x2 are green .

  • Fixed colors of selected and unselected undone layers in 2x2.

  • Fixed colors of selected and unselected undone layers in 6x6.

  • Updated the appearance of non-active song parts. They are now easier to differentiate from green.


I’m hoping to see a firmware update soon with free form mode, as this is critical to my live performances. I have reached out to support a couple of times on when this function will be available, but I haven’t heard back. I talked to support before I purchased the unit, and it was my understanding that it would have been out mid October. I realize the Aeros is a work in progress with new functionality coming, but if Free Form isn’t available the unit will not work for me. I received my unit in late October and am itching to use it on some gigs! I’m also worried that free form won’t be out before my two month trial period. Can you please give me a rough idea when this functionality will be available? Thanks!


I’m also very disappointed to discover this upon receiving the Aeros. It’s literally written in the first line of the specifications!! Why weren’t we informed that this feature wouldn’t be available? It’s the most basic feature of every looper out there! I’m shocked that they started shipping these before it was ready.


We will be releasing a new firmware version in the next few days, but it won’t have freeform mode - this is mostly bug fixes and stability improvements. Freeform should come next (hopefully in the next 1-2 weeks), as it is the top feature we are currently working on.

We will extend the 60 day return period so it begins after freeform has been released – we know that this feature is essential to many people, but we wanted to perfect the Aeros working with the BB first.


Ok, cool. I can live with that. Thanks for the update. I’m glad to hear you will be extending the 60 day trial period. Any updates like these are greatly appreciated.

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Firmware 2.10.0 has just been released!

See this post for the details:

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i just installed the new firmware to my new aeros and found that it is not better than 2.82.
6x6 mode does not work, save song does not write new songs, load song loads only song 5 (2x2 mode). song four loads and loads but nothing happens, edit song mode does not fully work etc. etc…
please try the new firmware with a new aeros and find out yourself what else does not work.
sorry, but in this state the unit is quite useless.

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Just installed! Please keep us posted on the release of the firmware that will provide free form mode. Thanks!

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@owi this is not normal behavior for version 2.10.0 – your unit needs to be reset. If you haven’t yet, please contact

Hey David, hope all is well! Any updates on the free form mode? I’m itching to start using this looper. Thanks!

Freeform is currently being worked on! Probably won’t be ready for this upcoming release (hopefully early next week), but should be for the next one.


Hmmm… I wonder what’s in the works for the upcoming update…