Aeros firmware 3.1.x

I’d disagree, because Hands Free for us implies—at least—being able to play a full show without having to bend down (as long as your settings remain the same from song to song, though we know some users switch).
That being said, we do like your proposal to add a pop-up, but it is not a priority currently. That is a far more advanced and time-costly feature (due to UX) that we will look into later. The first phase of this hands-free enhancement will be as David iterated in the OP.

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If i send cc#38 (mute: any value), the mute happens at the end of the bar. I can see use cases for both engaging the mute immediately and engaging the mute at the end of the bar. is there a way to toggle between the two?

Alternatively, since the mute button the aeros engages immediately, would be nice to have a set of midi commands that selects the active track. For example, when selecting a channel on my roland v1hd from my midi footswitch (morningstar) i can send a stacked command like cc#0 value 0 + cc#32 value 1 + pc#1-3 to select which track is active. Perhaps a similar stacking could be implemented here.


The muting follows the Mute setting you have globally in the mute settings.
the options are immediate, End of Measure, or End of Loop

I like that idea let me pass it along.

oh duh. that works perfectly. Immediate is what i was looking for, thank you kindly.

@DavidPackouz, @BrennanSingularSound

Could you please clarify one point ? What does mean this " What we are working on next" ?
Is it what you plan to do immediately after the release, or are you saying, this is part of the release and just not yet released in the current beta ?

I say that because the topic Span track across multiple parts (LOCK TRACKS) EDIT*, which is the topic following the “locked track feature”, is flagged as #in-progress… But then I do not really understand… Are we pending the delivery of critical bugs like On press events still do not work - pops at the end of each loop!, because of new features still in development (even though I would like to see this feature coming) ??

Thank you in advance to clarify the exact expected content of this firmware, and availability of next beta…

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Please refer to the new forum tagging post and continue the subject there, thank you!

@LaurentB 's question is what we all would like to know, me too! And it’s related to 3+ release.
Why not give a simple answer to a simple question?

Hey there,

this particular thread can become very bulky, very quickly. It’s best for the team, and thus for the customers, to keep threads on topic and open new ones if there is an issue that was not addressed.

I will gladly answer questions put in the appropriate place!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, and where is the more appropriate place for a question on content and timeline of the Aeros 3+ release with reference to a statement that @DavidPackouz made in this forum category?

What we are working on next:

  • Locked tracks feature (keep some tracks playing while song parts change)
  • Auto Quantize (Record first track in song part in Freeform and Aeros quantizes it)

This is a general list of things we plan to do soon after this release. It is not an official timeline.

Locked tracks is the next update after this one. We then plan on implementing a quick release with enhanced hands-free usage, and then we will begin working on auto quantize.

I do all my recording with an external MIDI clock, and I’m trying to do two things without stopping the Aeros internal clock (the PLAY/STOP ALL button). I’m using 2x2 mode.

Is it possible to do either of these things without stopping the Aeros internal clock?

  1. Clear the loop length (the red lines) from the current track, so that I can replace the loop I had with a new loop of a different length
  2. Clear the current part (both tracks), so that I can record a whole new idea

It’s not an option to stop the external MIDI clock. And if I stop the internal clock by pressing the PLAY/STOP ALL button, when I re-start it (by pressing the button again), Aeros is out of sync with the external MIDI clock.


More than one month since the release of this buggy firmware now…

I’m wondering how long it takes to deliver the expected fixes.

Honestly if you plan to wait to complete the development of the extra features not yet delivered to roll-out the fixes for the last firmware which should have been released within days, you have a clear prioritization issue…
If it is because of extensive tests to ensure you don’t repeat the disaster of the last delivery, and it takes you one month to test everything then it’s that you have a clear test automation issue…

In a nutshell, waiting for a new release for new features is acceptable… waiting ages to see critical issues fixes delivered is not.

You have to tailor your development process so that urgent critical issues could be patched within hours not months ! And you have to automate your test process so that it backs you up, gives you confidence in your deliveries, not gives you an excuse to delay your deliveries…

Now one month later… everyone has been super-patient… Time for you to act !!


nothing to add … I’m really sick of this amateurism. Every loop is dirty. I don’t even dare to sell it. It’s been a year since I put my savings in this product, and it’s a jamman that I use because this looper is useless to me. I can tell you that I defended you on the European forums so that people would be patient, but here you are going beyond the limits. We made videos to show you that your loop stitching was gross. But what the hell are you doing!

Hi David

I don’t like to say it but it seems you have a great pain with this Aeros.
I realy like the formfactor but were is the professional firmware to make it a real tool?
I bought it knowing it was not completely finish but I join Thovy64, it’s been a while now and we wonder to have the tool we expected ! It’s out of my board right now and don’t know if it will go back one day ? …
Please could you give us your development roadmap if there is one.
Since then we can’t tell people to by this looper, it cost some money and is not trustable so it is not realy usable.
We were patiently waiting for your frimware updates but this time is over. You could add some more fonctions in future if needed but I personnaly first hope to have a trusty working tool.

Sincerely yours and hope to have a reassuring answer.


This is bizarre to me, because I haven’t had any issues for many months. I prefer the Aeros to the Headrush Looperboard right now because the Aeros is far less buggy than the looperboard, or even the Boss 505 for that matter.

I’m just not seeing the severe bugs to cause the anger, I guess.

He might be referring to issues with the Beta (and perhaps he really needs features in the beta and those in future releases).

Bugs are fair game and expected for a Beta. I know it can be hard when the beta has something you really want and it’s not ready for other reasons.

The Aeros is getting pretty close to delivering on everything promised initially. There’s a very long tail of other features and changes that we will be happy to have. I’ve bought into the tradeoff of waiting patiently for that. There’s a reason I went with Aeros and not Boss. While I’d love faster releases, more time commitments, and control over what gets done, that’s not my place or reasonable.

I can understand the feelings, but the emotions and frustration (justified or not) are something to take out elsewhere.

[Sorry for the long message.Hoping this doesn’t turn into a message board where we talk more about each other’s messages and less about substance.]


I completely agree with you. FYI, I have had few issues even with the Aeros betas. Looperboard betas, however, are insanely buggy. Even their official releases are plenty buggy–sorry to harp on that, but I’ve been away from my Aeros lately and have only the Looperboard to use until Thursday.

All the bugs I’m seeing with MIDI sync exist in both the beta and the latest stable release Aeros Loop Studio MIDI sync / looping issues (major bug)

Here is the bug that make me aeros inusable:
-Aeros firmware 3.1.x
-On press events still do not work - pops at the end of each loop!

I think if I understand that correctly, that’s a feature request for either Aeros-as-master or time-stretch. Both of those would be new features, not really bug fixes, I think, if i put on my dev hat for a minute. I don’t use prerecorded my tracks, so that could be why I haven’t seen the lack of those features as problematic.