Aeros inputs and outputs

Guitar amps ain’t great for drums, bass, keyboard or vocals therefore I “second” the requests for being able to designate output signals. That way sounds can be routed to a specific (appropriate) amplifier for live performance.

As a workaround, you just remember that aeros is a stereo looper. Those two channels are independent.

So… Guitar in on main left (although you might be better using amp effects send), connect main out left to guitar amp (or effects return). Mic/keyboard/bass in on main right, then to pa or wherever from main out right.

While it would be nice to have more routing control for the four inputs, you can certainly get by.


Much appreciated King! You’re absolutely right.

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Yes, he’s right! We hope to unlock what is promised to us by the designer of the product: a more complex multi-track routing experience, hope to share more on this soon!

I just realized, this is not really allowed, please do not make duplicate threads for the same topic, I will move this from the feature requests category and you can find the official request here.

Thank you!