Aeros loop studio: background noise

I had (returned it for lack of reverse now or in the near future) my Aeros in a chain of about 16 effects and could not hear a difference with it in chain or out. At the time, I was using isolated power from Truetone. I have since upgraded to Zumas.

Hi. I have the same issue. I use a Cioks as power source and the background noise is unacceptable. If I can’t solve this I will have to get rid of it, which would be a shame since I really love this looper.

I use a CIOKS DC7 to power my BB, Aeros, MM combo (plus some other pedals) and have no noise/interference issues, so I know the CIOKS works well with this etup. I run the BB, Aeros, and MM through the FX loop of my amp (FX Out - Aeros/BB/MM - Audio Interface) and it works well for my purposes. Not sure why you’re getting so much background noise…probably the usual culprits (bad cables, poor electrical, cellphone interference, bad ground, etc).

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I use only premium cables (mogami, Ernie ball). Perhaps it’s my GX 100 but no matter where I place the Aeros in the signal chain, the noise remains and disappears completely when taking it out of my chain. This is very frustrating and if I don’t get rid of it, I will put it on Ebay.

Hi there,

What specific cioks power supply are you using?

What other pedals/devices do you have on your chain?

If you use another power outlet nothing changes?

Were you using another power source previously that did not have this issue?

Have you looked into any info on the cioks you are using on their/any forums?

Let me know, thank you for your patience

Thank you. This is exceptional support. I use a Cioks dc7, which cost me a small fortune, as power source. I have a Boss gx 100, a Trio+, tc electronics polytune 3, a beat buddy and a ehx Bass9 in my signal chain.
I will try to change te power source but I must say that it is somewhat tiring to have to go such lengths to get a noise free product.

Are you getting any noise when using the PSU that came with the AEROS?

I will try and report but if it won’t work with my Cioks I’m not sure if I will keep it. I have a Cioks for a reason.

Totally understand but your reply (may or not) benefit the greater community. For example, Strymon’s PSU has been reported as not playing friendly with some Singular Sound products and it reportedly had to deal with how the Strymon PSU ramps up to deliver current to the pedal as it boots up.

Depending on the nature of the ‘noise’, one of these may help eliminate or reduce certain types of noise going through the power cable. Loop the power cable so two lines of the cable go through the ferrite. I did find some on Amazon in assorted sizes. It does add a small amount of bulk to the cord.

This ferrite choke application is for a speaker, but the principal works on other gear as well.

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So yes, the power unit is the problem. Once I use the Aeros unit instead of Cioks, the noise is gone which kinda sucks. I will try that Ferrit stuff. Thanks for the tip.

That’s disappointing and strange, as I use the CIOKS DC7 with my BB, Aeros, and MM and it works fine. Good luck!

Have you tried removing other pedals while keeping Aeros in the chain? Does changing the cabling in any way stop the sound?

It’s possible another digital pedal is messing with it when both are used in a certain configuration

Maybe also reach out to cioks!

We met the people the work there at NAMM they seem like kind people I’m sure they’d let you know if there are any possibilities their system is causing the sound like with the Strymon PSU. We would also like to know what could cause it!

Let me know if you can thanks!

Hi. I was writing Cioks as suggested. I was pretty surprised to have Poul Ciok himself replying me. I will send them a video to show them what happens once I power up the Aeros and will not fail to post.

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