Aeros Looper- Exporting and Importing tracks or songs

Hi guys

I am new to the forum I have BB and planning to buy Aeros. I use BB in church and want to use pre recorded loops via aeros. Only problem is we cannot make set list in Aeros like we do in BB so I am thinking of recording the loops and transfer them on to MacBook and erase the SD card and load back only loops which I needed for Sunday service. Is it possible to do so and will my loops will be in exact order as my set list on BB.

Can anyone help.

Thank you

Hey there, unfortunately the Aeros is not going to be able to reorganize songs by removing them and re-adding them.

We strongly discourage altering the Aeros files in any way, we only suggest copying the audio files from the SD to the computer for use in recording software. If you alter the SD files themselves, it could mess with how the Aeros is reading those files.

What you will likely want is MIDI song selection which is something many users are interested in, we do not have this up and running yet but we hope to get to this after the next 2 releases dealing with memory, 1 is coming out very soon!

Thanks for your question!

If you’ve recorded the loops in Aeros already and just need to order them to conform to your set list, the only thing I could think to do right now to make that easier is rename the songs so that they start with a number according to the order in your set list and sort the Song List in Aeros Alphabetically. If you can rely on MIDI, CC:35 and 36 can help make it a little more hands free, but one way or the other you are going to need to actively pick the song in Aeros and load it, so having them ordered by a number value will help out.

Thank you for your help really appreciate it

Thank you for your help :pray:

Hi mate love your explanation I know it’s in work in progress for you guys but please please please can singular sound make a update where we can creat set list to coinside with BB. My suggestion is just add a mode where currently you have a function where we have option of saving into SD card or internal storage. Just need to add one more option where we can store the song in a set list and by checking the box and in checking the box we can add and remove the songs from set list.

That would be awesome than it’s only 2 unit required for any gig. No other tools required. It’s like having a daw work for you in sync BB.

Thank you taking time to read and reply

Hey again, we are working at finding ways to improve this, we cannot promise when it will be available yet but it is likely we will implement with with a MIDI expansion release coming soon, stay tuned, and thanks for the feedback!