Aeros midi out to Boomerang midi in stopped working altogether

Hello! i have been using my Aeros looper to play drum trax i recorded jnto it and midi out to my Boomerang lll and it has synced perfect up till yesterday., i had some tempo glitches pop up and then the then the screen wasnt dhoeing some if the wave form as it scrolled., after that it stopped syncing the boomerang clock… i did themost ttcent firmware update, and did the midi “self test” which worked when using one midi chord plugged into both in/out on the aeros and it passed the test… nothing else works midi wise and its across all songs… any help appreciated… i evendud factory reset etc

Hey there,

That doesn’t really make any sense sorry, the Aeros did not work as a Master Clock until version 5.0.0 which was released as a beta for Christmas

We cannot fix what was never working

Could you possibly give more details about your set up, maybe there was another clock involved that was leading the Aeros?

You could try out the beta see how that works for you.

Thanks for reporting

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THANKS FOR THE REPLY! I realized that ididnt have a midi cable plugged into my alesis strike multipad., i plugged that back in and it all syncs upnow… i have the Alesis going into the Aeros to loop drum beat… i then send midi to my Boomerang that loops my8 string bass/guitar hybrid… its a great set up. so is the midi masterclock a download i can update to?im looking forward to producing full drum tracks as songs on the Aeros and gigging with just that and the Boomerang without the alesis…

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my setup rt now which works fine now, is set up midi chain like this: ALESIS STRIKEMULTIPAD>AEROS>BOOMERANG. (alesis is the master clock). I love this Aeros and i bought 2 so far… I bought one for a friend for xmas… I love saving songs on there…, its anew era in performing!

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Glad you got it figured out!