AEROS - Using BB to change parts works but I cant hear the first part

Start a song with BB, play a 12 bar blues then hold BB down to change to the next (BB) part and Aeros changes to the next part too but I do not hear the audio from the first part.

I know I’m dumping problems here but I’ve re-read the “manuals” and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

All I want to do is create a 12 bar loop that I can jam over.

Quite possible that it’s just me, but an idiots guide to using 2x2 properly would be very useful.


Frustrated from the UK

I don’t have an Aeros unfortunately, but i’m sure that you can resolve this by going in the BB settings -->
midi settings --> midi out --> next part --> disable.
That way you transition on the BB without transitioning on the Aeros and you can jam on your 12 bar loop.
Greetings from Belgium


Based on your post, here is what happened:

  1. You start the BB. It plays the intro, if there is one, and then plays Main loop 1. Aeros starts at the beginning of main loop 1, whether you had an intro or not.
  2. You recorded playing over the drums from BB main loop 1 on the Aeros.
  3. This is where I think we get the problem - I believe you then want to add additional music to that main loop1 recording. You are in 2x2 mode. The first thing you recorded is Aeros loop 1, track 1. To get to Aeros loop 1 track 2, you press the RPO button on the Aeros. Then you can record or play along to what you played and recorded already. But, you pressed BB for a transition. This takes you to…
  4. Aeros loop 2 track 1. Of course you don’t hear anything, because nothing is recorded yet on track 2. You moved along to BB main loop 2, or back to another instance of main loop 1, if there is no main loop 2. When you play now, you will be recording on Aeros loop 2 track 1. If you press the BB transition again, you should get back to the first recording you made, because that should get you back to Aeros loop 1.

Thank you Phil! Makes sense :slight_smile: