Aeros with Beatbuddy and Onsong

Item 1: I currently use Onsong with Beatbuddy and RC300. I turn to another song with Onsong and program changes are sent to BB and RC300, and I’m ready to go. Will this midi integration be added to Aeros?

Item 2: Is there a way, or will there be a way to control the BB volume with the Aeros wheel? This would be a great option for my purposes. Thanks.

Hey Todd. I figured out that you can control (sort of) the BB volume with OnSong hot corners. I set top left at 100%, middle left at 90% and bottom left at 80%… all via MIDI. Usually gives enough variation for most songs. I do find the chords sometimes “get in the way” and have to touch it a few times which can get annoying, but it works. Not sure if that is helpful or not but… there ya go.

Thanks Jerry, I’ll give it a shot. I don’t have that functionality (volume) with my current gig rig (rc300 + BB), but hopefully with the Aeros midi integration it will be built. Only had the Aeros for a few days but love it - has a ton of potential. Really looking forward to the firmware updates.

@Todd_M I’ve adjusted my hot zones (Screen Triggers) in OnSong to use the RIGHT side of the iPad screen rather than the left. There’s less text/chords to “get in the way”. Works SO much better. If the Aeros Volume wheel is not MIDI assignable then it will not be able to control the BB volume incrementally. Is that what you’re waiting for…for it to be MIDI assignable?

That’s what I was hoping for. Even if we ignore Onsong for a minute - It would be great if the BeatBuddy volume would show up in the Aeros Mixer so it could be controled without an additional expression pedal…I have enough of those on my board as it is. I’m going to check out your setup with Onsong though. That might do the trick.

I’m surprised it’s not assignable and able to do what you want. That’s just not right. Hope it works out for your set up.