After Dark


Tito Y Tarantula’s “After Dark”. The verse fill is for the “only after dark” line.


Hi CharlesSpencer, thanks for the song… when I listen to it, the vese fill sounds identical to the verse loop. Did you maybe upload the wrong midi file into the fill section? I know it’s labeled differently, but they sound the same… Maybe I’m missing a midi sample that’s supposed to be playing? Latin drums right?


The difference between the verse and the chorus is the tom-toms being used, so yeah it’s very subtle. It’s more of a refrain than a chorus I suppose


I can’t hear any tom-toms in mine… can you tell me which midi ID you put them on?


I was using the standard latin kit, the toms I used were MIDI notes 45, 48, and 50. The toms are very low in the mix, more so if you’re listening through headphones


Gotcha… I hear em now. Wasn’t listening for the right thing. Can you upload the midi files? I’d like to add the buildup that is in the song as they start to sing “Only After Dark”.


yeah you’re right, as the song progresses they make the refrain stronger, which is one of the great things about the composition, as Jimmy Page likes to put it, the light and shade, the dynamics