All stop and start with no drum fills, one tap off and one tap back on at the beginning of the part

Is there a way to pause the BB and Aeros (possibly using the Maestro I have all 3) simultaneously then with the press of a button? All I can find is an outro fill then it stops even in the "Stop Song > Immediate " setting. Or do I need the do I need the Footswitch+ ?

As imaginable, I then need it to start the song part from the top again without the drum fill intro Or do I have to get rid of the fills altogether to do this?
Typically I’ll want to pause everything on the one beat of the last measure of a part and then start over without a fill right at the top of the part again. Would be nice if it was one button and one tap off and one tap on. Maybe that button would be labeled “play/stop all”?
To take it even further it would be amazing to be able to set the song to switch parts, then stop (or pause) it for just the last measure resulting in it going to the next section so when I hit unpause it start with a different section
I’m new and low tech… I honestly only need this thing to do drum fills in and out, record tracks and parts and be able to stop and start on a single tap. After a few hours I’m getting no closer it seems.

I need to get this rocket ship working like a farm tractor first then I’ll go deep. Thanks!

Take a look at 2 min of this video
It work with the simple Beatbuddy footswitch too

I can’t read the maestro display but at no point does my Maestro say anything even like stop or pause on the bottom right corner switch…that he is using.
I could see he was pressing the BB once but when I do that it just goes into a drum fill not stop so there are a bunch of setting I need to find.

Check this first :

BB settings>Main pedal>mute pause “Enable”
BB settings >Main pedal>Midi settings>midi In>Control change must be to “Enable” and scroll down to >Pause/unpause CC111 must be “Enable”

Do you use the default settings of the Maestro ?
Maybe try to update the default modes, you can see this on the app

Try to make a custom for pause/unpause just to test

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Thanks again.
All the settings you mentioned were already correct.
I literally just got these units a few days ago from Sweetweater and have only speed read the manuals. Not that I’m assuming anything is correct for me right out of the box.
I’ll hit up the app and do the maestro update and let ya know what I find.


Links not opening on SS site:
-BB manual page 7
** Download BeatBuddy Manager**

-Onm the one Aeros page there is a link for “aroes Control Guide”. It leads you to a page cannot be found but fee free to buy the app “OneDrive”!AI5YZ2Edk3o-P2A&cid=BE4CD6F467601A5A&id=BE4CD6F467601A5A!128251&parId=BE4CD6F467601A5A!127594&o=OneUp

How do I report this to the nerds at SS?

Let me see if I picked this up correctly from the context clues:

The Aeros page SS’s site has no software app that I can find. This makes no sense to me. Where do I find the

The BB page in SS’s site has a laptop version of the app but nothing for the phone.

The mini Maestro has on app for android and iPhone but nothing for my MacBook …

Am I missing something or is this all over the place?

Found another 2 links that do not work:
on the page: Support – Singular Sound

Under the link “how to use midi Mastro” there is a under “full manual” there is a link “download”. when you click it I get.
AccessDenied Access DeniedAGRKNA9F8QDTG2SMoQ7f2EWQro/OBeyVT2jgYsWCh1u4FQ82fMl1MgF49iSHP6wzNuTtgKpispYkLn+eFMRRyNgwvak=

Under that is “Printer friendly version”. when you click on that… it just loads the same page the link is on over again…

Mmmm…this is the website…a fairly “mastered and cracked” area of computer science… and SS can’t build a page but are revolutionizing the pedal DAW?


When you do locate BBM on Singulars site it will just link you back to the forum to a thread post. Any ‘normal’ manufacturer will have this sort of stuff on their main sales and support site directly linked to an ftp or cloud location and not scattered about at different locations that need to be searched out. Have fun!!!

I just checked and all the links in your latest post are accessible.

The web address you listed was not complete but I am able to access BeatBuddy Manager Software 1.64 (Win/Mac)

Seems like you might have computer or internet issues.

Here is a link to the support page:

Some of the links on the “support” page work and some don’t.

Here is a screen shot with some of the links that dont work so we are on the same “page”

When you click on the Full manual Download button below “How to use your MIDI Maestro” here is where it sends you

when you click “printer friendly” or “quick start” it just reloads the page.

Anyway I’m going to go through all the manuals I can get and for fun and see if I can get this dog to hunt. At this point I just need the all stop to work when the beat buddy maestro and aeros are all connected. There is on service on the phone ;-(