Allow us to program a sequence


I’m a singer songwriter who uses the Aeros to create song parts, example
intro, verse, chorus,lead, bridge and outro
I’d love to be able to program a sequence that allows me to select from above parts and program a
song using them (some multiple times (verses and choruses) so then I can press start
and the song plays all the way through…
Only needing to record one verse and one chorus and use them multiple times, and the use as needed.

The Digitech chorus has this feature which was amazing, but not happy with other aspects of that pedal.

IF there is a way to add this in a future update that would take the AEROS to a whole new level.

Please let me know if this is possible to do and thanks!


Hey there! Interesting request, we will look into it!


This is a cool idea! It would be amazing if in addition to programming a sequence, when playing through the sequence we could with one tap opt to stay on a particular section in the moment, and with another tap continue rolling through the sequence. That would make Aeros feel easier and more intuitive.

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If this sequence idea was ever implemented, the Aeros would become the number one looper ever made! A real game changer. Owned the Ditto + for a while and really liked this feature but the drums, and recording quality was just not there. Singular Sound has both of these covered.
Even if the sequencer had to be pc based and written back to the Aeros, it would be great!

Yes agree! The Trio + has this feature which was awesome but the pedal overall was just fair. Fir songwriters this would be a game changer as you say! I own the MIDI Maestro which til now has been a disappointment BUT
if they created a way via MIDI to sequence I’d be extremely happy and I know that they’d sell a lot of them…thanks

The ultimate way to handle this, IMO, would be to place a .mid file onto the Aeros itself and let it play. Then it could send commands back into the Aeros to change parts and other actions, plus it could send any other MIDI command from the sequence out to other devices. Its basically a Looper + MIDI playback device. I know it’s a long shot, we’re barely there with a fully featured MIDI IN, but it would be very cool if it could be done.

FAMC had something kind of like this in a rack version, but it wasn’t technically a looper. It would play audio files in accordance to the sequence.

If you just want to send a stream of MIDI into the device as a sequence to drive part changes, you can do that today, but will likely require external clock if a loop is either very long or runs for a long time.

I think what I hear people saying though is you want to go to some screen in the Aeros and enter a sequence, like, “Play Part 1 six times, then play Part 2 two times, etc.” That’d be cool too.

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I like that idea! I’m sure people who the Trio plus would switch to the Aeros for a better quality sound.
I’m thinking about the Midi Maestro. What are you disappointed in?
Are the new midi commands, with the new beta update, any help?

This could be created and possibly controlled during playback via Midi Maestro with some options for part selection and number of repeats and stored in the form of “additional playback metadata” on the song. Alternatively phone app could be used to do this.

Sequential playback
Writing files back to Aeros
LR fade and balancing

We’ve come so far with the Aeros! The wants list above would set the Aeros apart from everyone else, and allow for track reamping, balancing etc., within a DAW. The LR fade and balancing could even be done in a DAW and written back.

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Would love this feature! I vote yes!

There was a product out a few years ago called the zenAudio alk2 which was a live looper arranger which imo was the future of looping.
They seemed to be small and couldn’t make a go of it after but I really feel this is the direction SS should go with this, like hire these people or buy their code. (Take out all the shitty daw stuff and strictly make it a Aeros arranger/sequencer over Bluetooth). I mentioned this before here and got a “we’ll look into this” for whatever that’s worth.
It essentially sequences commands before you start making it extremely easy to enter instruments in bars (or part bars that repeats a lot). And move on to the next instrument super quick.

Just go watch an zenAudio ALK2 videos on YouTube and imagine if that was possible with the Aeros (and it is I just am really starting to fear SS doesn’t have the resources to capitalize).

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@Glenocide 'sounds pretty cool

The more I think about this, the more I start to wonder if we’re only a stones throw away from just making a backing track that leaves openings in the recorded material to give the appearance of live looping.

I guess I’d be getting philosophical to stay with that discussion, but when I saw how ALK2 dealt with recovering from mistakes, it made me begin to wonder where the line might be that turns a performance into something deceptive. The future of looping shouldn’t become a facade of looping, IMHO. I’m all for conveniences that make the mechanics of looping easier though; a little conflicted about it I guess. I still think that if you wanted to do something like this you can just send in a stream of MIDI data to control the looper from a sequencer. At least try doing that for a little while if you want a taste of what this starts to look like.

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