alternative content management options for BB

Hi folks,

We’re all excited about the release of the BeatBuddy management software, but clearly it isn’t working for some.

Admittedly, I am in the minority. The BBM has been designed with ease of use and probably aesthetics in mind. So, it is mouse-driven and my screen reader software doesn’t seem to work with it. And, there are Mac users for whom it does not work either.

Would it be possible to devise another method to work on content for the BB? I notice that some of the files are CSV files, and some are .BBS files which I do not recognize. Would it be possible to release the spec and details on how to edit these .bbs files so that those of us who are not able to use the manager software can manage the content?

Maybe a low-tec method can be devised where users can create a .csv file and this file can be compiled in to a .bbs file for use with the BB and viseversa.

There must have been a method for creating these .bbs files before there was management software.

I am very much looking forward to making music with my BeatBuddy, and am hoping for full access to its functions.


As far as I know (and am allowed to say), BeatBuddy manager software is much more likely to evolve (and begin working with narrator programs) than the contents of specific files with their formats will be opened.

Hi Daefecator, thanks.

I’m just trying to be realistic here. I know that I am probably the only one out of thousands of owners who will need the software to be accessible. So it would be unrealistic and a bit naive for me to expect the team to put much time or effort in to this aspect. Of course, if they had followed standard windows conventions, used the standard windows dialogs and navigation controls, and followed accessibility standards which are available in windows, this would be much easier. But I understand that there are other motivations at play here.

I have learned to be creative in how I address access problems, and so that’s why I always ask. It might be easier to open up the standard, or offer an alternative way to create .bbs files, than to retrofit the software to work with existing accessibility tools. But, the project is young. Maybe it will grow up to embrace accessibility.

Unfortunately, I’m not the one making the software, but even if you are the only one that needs special software, I believe it’s still worth the efforts to add that features into manager software. Every single customer counts!

Singular Sound presented an awesome pedal to the market, but the fight is not over. I am sure, David and team will take each and every opportunity to improve the product.