Alternative way to manage BB content


Dear David Packouz and BB team, this is not a complaint, or a rant, but an honest plea.

First, I admire your work. You’ve put out a good product, and I know you want to also put out a great content management software. But, the BB manager software is not available to those of us who are blind, and others with other barriers. I am not asking for you to create something special. I’m sure your resources are limited at this point. but, I am asking you if it would be possible to make available what ever methods were used to create the existing BB content.

I know the BB songs consist of a hex file. At the very least, could the specs of these files be released? This way, those of us with the knowledge could edit files to create our own songs without the need of the BB manager software? Or, if there was some less elegant tool used to convert human readable files to these hex files, maybe that would be useful to those who are not able to use the BB software.

All that is necessary is a work-around. For many, the elegance of the UI is not important, but the sound, and ease of use which you’ve created is highly desirable. Please consider giving more users access to the full range of flexibility that an open BB content management solution would provide.



The design and usability of the manager software is a work in progress. Yes, it still has issues, but the team is intending to fix them. I believe we already have that conversation already, and I can confirm there are a lot of improvements to be made (and that will be made).