Amazing Rhythm Aces - Third Rate Romance (with Bass)

Uses Guitar Stu’s drums with bass.

Wrong Song.

oops! fixed!

long time since I’ve done this one … looking forward to playing it tonight

Let me know how it goes! I often have an older, more countryish crowd, and they really like this one. I just hope I don’t play it during an actual Third Rate Date! Ha!

I loved the 2nd part when it was tagging itself a few times …
I’m thinking .‘maybe fade out’ then it ended itself…
then the loop returned … was a good laugh :wink:

I clearly say in the cheat sheet to end the song before the loop restarts! ha! practice makes… well not perfect but at least less awful, right? :slight_smile:

Either way, glad it worked for you guys :slight_smile:

I hope I saved you one redo Aashideacon
One of the 1st tunes I could never get the fill right to .
I’ve linked 2 verses together with the chorus to loop …
put the chorus tag on the outro

Is the song attached here? I can’t see it. :upside_down_face:

I really like this song.


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