Annoying problem

Hi. I spent 1 1/2 hours making a new set list for a gig next week. I found that when I make changes to a song saving and synchronizing it, it doesn’t save all versions of the song. I have at 3 versions of every song. One in the master list of songs, one in the song list so I can export, and another in the set list. I had to delete all of my past set list because I had made changes to the songs since my last gig. When I was making a new set list I had to delete songs in the song list I export from because of changes I had made. Maybe the new 1.50 will fix this problem, if not could you work it out for the next fix? Hope this makes sense. Randy

To make things a little clearer, when I save a song I would like it to save all versions.

Well, when you edit, for example, an MS Word document or an Excel table or a Google Spreadsheet does it save all versions of the edits you have made? Neither should BBManager do, in my opinion.

If you really need to store all versions, you can do that explicitly - via exporting a song (let’s say MySong) and then re-importing it under another name (like, MySong_v1).

Do you mean different copies of the song instead of different versions? If you know what songs you want in a set it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to make a set.

I have 3 folders with all my songs. When I make a separate folder for a gig I have to export the songs I want to that folder. When I practice and make adjustments to songs within the 3 folders it doesn’t save the changes to songs on the export list and the set list. How can you take such little time to make up a set list? Randy

I am not computer literate enough to understand what you said.

Always when you finish editing a song export it. Put them in a All My Songs folder on the PC with the songs in alphabetical order. This is the master copy. To make a new set you first make a new folder called SET. Then you can import all the songs at one time from the All My Songs folder by holding down control and selecting them. If you play through the songs and decide to edit one, you need to export it to the All My Songs folder after editing. I delete sets after using because you can make one in 30 seconds and keeping it requires revising songs in multiple spots. You will likely want an All My Songs folder with all your songs in alphabetical order in the BB pedal (limit 99 per folder). These would need updating with any revisions.

Great. Thanks for the tip. Does the “All My Songs” folder hold more than 99 songs? So to clarify, the BB pedal only will show my 3 folders of songs and the set list not the master list “All My Songs?” Thanks again, Randy

All Songs on PC can hold everything not just 99. If you want All Songs on BB you might need 2 or 3 All Songs folders if you have that many songs. All Songs A-J and All Songs K-Z or All Songs Rock and All Songs Blues. But it’s much easier to make a Friday Night Practice Set than to search thru All My Songs on the BB during practice. Also I’ve found that after creating 150 songs the are maybe 8 beats that cover 80% of my music. I have those Favorite Beats on BB for those times when someone says can you play ???