Another SD card


Seems I need another SD card for my gig folders. I have a lot of songs, for
various types of gigs. It can be easier to store them on extra card for
more transparent way of browsing. So, have some questions:
Do I need, or can I use a card,which is larger then 4Gb? 8 maybe.
It’s clear,that I have make a new project for it,with all needed
drumsets and beats and folders and I’ll sync,but when I change the
card and insert the old one, is this loading with it’s own sync and
settings? Or have I sync it again?
Saving project or synchronizing is not the same.
The firmware version(newest)is stored in the pedal, isn’t it,or I have
to proceed firmware again?
If I change the cards,everything will be loaded at card’s sync,and settings?
I know,that are stupid questions a bit,but hope you can give me nice
suggestions from point to point. I could not find anything about SD card in manual.
Of course, I can read informations in forum, but here are a lot of threads and
perhaps it’s easier to ask you directly. Any ideas and tricks about extra
second SD card using?

I have two 32 gig sd cards … I change between the two when I’m gigging, … edit, return the next night w new tunes.
I have to keep resetting my settings … cue fill, release times , 2nd switch playing …
are my constantly ‘reverts back to factory settings’ issues after synchro.
I deal with it. :wink:

Sorry, but not clear. If you insert the card, your settings are changed back to factory settings? When you are editing, you have to synchronise, isn’t it? So, how can I keep my own settings after editing and synchro? What should I do, when change the card and what not?

Seems the pedal is working with larger cards. Is it slowing down the loading process? 32 Gb-s are pretty large, or you have thousands of songs? If you use the song with bass, they are ten times more than without, but no more than 1 Mb. Maybe you have a lot of wav files to use.
How many Gb-s are you suggest for 500-600 songs, with all available drumsets, without bass?

32 gigs is what BB said was permitted .
I’ve had all beats submitted on my card … doesn’t take up a lot of space .
never had a lag issue …now I’m just loading songs I’ll play, or others may jam with us.
I’ve got about 500 tunes on mine now :0 , not including the BB issued ones … no problems. :wink:

Factory settings : …appears the only way to deal w this
…is for BB to put the settings into the BB mgr program to control them properly .
They’ve acknowledged the issue …& will deal w it .
so, we wait !.. BB seems to be a very progressive player in this forum ! :wink:

I got the answer from support. They said, the original 4 Gb card is enough for 30 000+ songs. Now have about 500, but not the all edited to BB.
Ok. let’s wait while they solve the problem with factory settings issue. Shure, they’ll improve.
Thanks for help.

You may also need a big hard drive on your computer if you save your work in the BB mgr…
I recently did a purge of all my saved work , trying to figure out the cue settings issue …
I ended up deleted approx 54 gigs of ‘saved work’ I would never reuse . :wink:

Yes, the tuition fee. 54 gigs??? From 1 Mb songs? Big wav files, bass samples? What? Whereby?

If you save your project …it saves everything …
& adds up hard drive space ‘significantly’ over time ( 6mths) …lol
learning curve for me .