Any way to go back to the previous version?

I apparently made the mistake of downloading the newest version 5.0 last night and now ALL of my songs are gone! I clicked “No” about converting them but I had a gig tonight and I had to cancel because my music is gone. The place is pissed, I’m fucking pissed and I just lost out on a nice chunk of change! WTF? I put the previous version on my SD card but when I turn on the Aeros, there’s no update available…it doesn’t apparently see it. WTF are my songs and how do I get them back without re-recording all of it??? :frowning: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I really await the response for this. My shit is all fucked up now but unlike you, the stuff I lost was practice runs while I learned how to use the thing. They went and tried to fix what wasn’t broken, in my opinion.

I am so fucking pissed, The venue will never book me again because I cancelled on them at the last minute, and my Loop Studio worked beautifully until this last update,. For those of you who need all of this extra fancy-ass bullshit, that’s great…….enjoy. But for those of us who only needed to record bass and rhythm guitar tracks with our Beat Buddy, WTF did you have to go fuck everything up? Why not a warning message? Why can’t I go back to the previous software version? WTF???

I can’t even figure out how to record a track on their new version…….it won’t let me………Thanks! I appreciate all of your fucking updates!

You forget to make a backup of your SDCard before the update.

Maybe roll back to the previous version 4.1.3 can help.
To Update
Power off the Aeros
copy the firmware on your SDCard (not in any folder, but standalone)

Rename it to aeros.bin
Insert into the Aeros and Power On
Wait until the End

I did………it doesn’t work.
And what good would it do to back up my work if it can’t see it?

Hello there,

We apologize that you have encountered this issue when interfacing with the product

There are, however, some red flags in what I read over

The major thing I’m noticing is you’re saying you tried to use 5.0.3 with content you did not convert. This should be expected behavior: That songs that are not converted do not work in 5.0.x.

The point of backing up the files is to easily load them into your SD/internal memory again in the case you want to downgrade. But to actually use them on 5.0.x and later you must convert them.

You cannot use songs that are not in the new format on the new version. This is the point of the conversion. Otherwise, although the Aeros may still see the songs, they will not work once opened.

You really should not worry about converting it has a very very low probability of failure and we ask people to back up their content before in the very slight case something unexpected happens, it is a precaution but not completely necessary. We also have a failsafe measure explained in the forum post and manual.

All we do is create a new meta file for the songs and move the songs into the new albums folder. You can read more about 5.0.3 at the top of the forum thread.

I will also point out, it is generally not good practice to update the version of any product without trying it first if you intend to use it live/in action. I would not update my pro tools right before a recording session has to be done for example.

It is incredibly unfortunate any of this happened but the issue is quite simple, you did not convert the songs and thus they are unusable in 5.0.x.

I would highly encourage you to please convert your content as the update is massive and will improve the use of your Aeros, but you are free to downgrade to any prior version, they are all on the forum.

4.3.1 was the last official version before this.

Thank you for reporting

Thank you. Ok, so I converted, and they all fail to load with your new update which means they are all gone and I have to fucking start all over again. Again, Thank you!

Oh, and I just went back and directly downloaded the previous version on to my SD card, inserted it into the Aeros, turned it on and guess what? It doesn’t see it. Says “We’re all up to date”
Again, Thank you! Really appreciate it!

Please connect your Aeros or SD card to your computer and try to verify the state of your files, it may be you are trying to open the old song file that no longer has wav files in it.

You could choose to place these files in your computer for safekeeping to remove them if you find your Aeros is still opening them.

In the 5.0.x forum post, it explains how the old meta files are still there. We have had other users report in that thread almost the exact same issue and they have all later reported they were trying to open the wrong file and they did not actually lose anything.

Please take the time to verify this is not the case and that you still have the songs now converted inside the new Albums folder in either device.

Please ensure if you are going to downgrade that you are following all the steps in the video including renaming the file to aeros.bin.

If you continue to have issues, please write to so they can further assist you with your issue

Here is the information on the files in 5.0.0


The Aeros in 5.0.0 or later has folders within both the SD card and the Internal Memory called Albums

  • On converting, all your existing songs present when booting up the firmware for the first time will be automatically moved into the new ‘Songs’ folder (within the ‘Albums’ folder) in each memory device (SD, Internal)
  • If your SD card is empty, it will be formatted for the new firmware on boot up

To avoid losing material in the case of corruption post conversion, we have left all your old Meta files in their original place in the file structure.

How to Find Old Meta Files

On your SD Card/Internal memory when connected to a computer, you will see a folder called “Songs”. This is the old “Songs” folder, the new one will be nested inside the “Albums” folder.

You may want to create a backup of this old folder on your computer. Only back up the Songs folder on the root (the first layer/page) of your memory device when viewing in your computer’s file explorer app. Place the old Songs in a folder on your computer with a name to the tune of “Old Aeros Meta files”. They are very light, and should not cause any burden on your computer’s memory.

We are way beyond that. I am having to start ALL over. Recorded and saved 1st new song. When I click on the Beat Buddy. The song doesn’t start automatically………the Aeros doesn’t kick in and start playing…….what now?

I didn’t change ANY of the settings.

Turn your Aeros off and on again, it should automatically detect that there are songs that are not converted, and it will prompt you to convert them. The ‘Yes’ option popup message may be un-clickable until you scroll down to the bottom of the message, so do that, and once it highlights light blue, click it. That should convert all the songs on your SD card immediately.

If that does not work, email me at and we will continue there.