Anybody have a problem of exporting from mac

I tried to export this morning to the sd card but got this message
Unable to create destination folder /DRUMSETS

What would you like to do?

Anybody having a same issue or solution how to fix this?

The SD card have a little write lock on one of the sides. Double check it is not locked.

I tried that and I tried to swap the different card. No luck

I have no idea. I am able to export project to SD card both via Mac and Windows versions of BBManager :frowning:
Maybe you have a screenshot? Please make several ones showing step-by-step what you do and what error message you get.

I have the same issue. Also my synchronise project isn’t active on the drop down menu. Have You discovered a fix ?

Ugh. … Same problem!!! I’ve tried EVERYTHING!!! :frowning: Any possible fixes yet?

If you can’t synchronise then try File > Export and select Project to SD Card

The problem with exporting on a mac is that our SD cards are usually at some place like /Volumes/BBCARD, and the software thinks that’s not a “root” type folder, so you actually have to say NO in order to export, otherwise it goes to /, which is the hard drive root, not the sd card root.

Here is how I fixed the issue with my mac. Went round and round with the BB manager menu options and redoing from scratch with no luck. The SD root card issue noted above is what gave me the simple fix - I just erase the files on the SD card and drop the files/folders tithing the saved project folder to the SD card. Works perfectly now.

Still not working for me.

I’ve been doing the same work around thinking I had something wrong somewhere. Good to know it’s not just me too.


Has anybody found a straightforward explanation to this thread?
I have a iMac running 10.10.5. with latest BeatBuddy software/firmware.
I can transfer my songs onto the card, but cannot sync BPM.

I have created a giglist, exported songs to user_lib. Renamed ok, then imported onto Giglist, but when I try to export the songs (ready to txfr to SD card) , I get this message…
“Unable to open song file /Volumes/4GB 1/SONGS/8AC9A505/77F88A80.BBS”
If I try to export the new songfolder (which works ok on BBManager) to SD card, I then point to SD card, choose “NO” when it wants to go to root (as suggested above) …then it says “Chosen destination file already contains a project” …if I select “Yes overwrite” it then asks if I want to sync …“Yes” …and it comes up with an error & deletes the SD card

AND the Mac doesnt recognise the pedal via USB connection as a device at all (??)

I’m lost with this wierd software and beginning to think its not Mac compatible, I’ve just sold my Digi TRIO on the strength that this is the better pedal for live work, but the way it’s going I might be sending it back to the vendor as unsatisfactory. I’m not a software guru I just want this to work for the band.

Hopefully somebody can help me with this, has anybody got it working properly on their Mac?

Can you explain this to me - I can create a giglist on BBMan, but because of this filing/root issue I cant get it to download to the card, or synchronise BPMs so it works fine without the pedal basically!!

A voyage of discovery worth the effort, but only just. I have experienced the same problem with my MacBook Pro to BB syncing. You have to take the SD card out of the BB and put it into your Mac directly or via an SD card interface. Then from BB Manager I just go File - Export and select “Project to SD Card”, this works every time. It overwrites everything on the SD card, just like Psalm40 said earlier. This way the gig list and beats you sorted in BBManager will be downloaded to the SD card.
It looks to me as if the Devs don’t know Unix and don’t know how to write an operating manual.
Make sure that the little write-lock on the side of the SD card is pushed forwards, towards the front of the card.
Beware if you are using a footswitch because you will have to re-programme it every time you take out the SD card to update it.
BTW in my dreams there are 3 footswitches Bluetooth linked to the BB - display clipped to a mic or music stand that is XLR connected to amp/PA. Oh! and a file system system that is not just Windoze. Have you ever noticed how many design - music - creative people use Macs?

Hey Man @Tim Williams , …if I were there I’d buy you a pint, and another, because you’ve just made my day bro …you’re idea works purfektamundo, and thanks for spelling it to me, …I can get on with my life now!! But you’re dead right, it just needs a simple manual to point us in the right direction, it doesnt take a lot to satisfy a lot of people. …and the software does work, lumpy as it might be, but there is a way thru it as you’ve shown me …thanks mate!!

Thx for the tip Tim

Another thing I’ve found is that when you rewrite the SD, you have to reset your extra pedals for their function. Easy to do but just a pain!!

I also find when saving to the SD card, it works better if the SD card is erased blank before receiving an update. If it overwrites an old project it seems to get very confused. It will overwrite , but the pedal behaves erratically. If the SD card is wiped clean & then a new project saved it will work ok , I find.

This is a very poor state of affairs altogether. Something as basic and important as this should have been sorted out a long time ago.
I just wasted a day, worrying about all the dire error messages I was getting. If they cannot sort out the problem, they should at least indicate that there is an issue, rather than pretend all is well. The user manual and the one for the BB Manager must rank amongst the worst I have had to wade through. Very disappointed with the level of support.

I totally agree with you @Boombangabang.
You pay a lot of money for this pedal, and when it works, it works very well, BUT - I dont think the buyer should be part of the software technology & development, it’s a pity that such a unique good sounding product is let down by very bad support - for goodness sake, the guys who built it and benefit from their product sales, at least take the time out to write a simple blow by blow description of how to customise it in the Mac domain, it is so user unfriendly. It takes me ages to remember how to do simple storage actions because its such a convoluted fickle & incompatible process with the Mac trying to read between the lines of the PC instructions. Please write a decent coherent Mac operating procedure before mine goes up for resale!!!