Anybody managed to get EZDrummer 2 Grooves into BB?

Hi all
Recently bought EZDrummer 2 and it has some really great grooves that I would love to use in BB (and share here).
Has anybody managed to get the midi from EZD to load into BB and get it working?
Presumably there will be some serious mapping to sort out as well as dealing with the ‘enhancements’ that EZD has for multiple accents etc.
If I can get a streamlined way of doing this it would open the door for a load of great new grooves in BB.

sounds great UKMark and look forward to hearing your posts and thanks for sharing
i hope someone will post a video of give you more info than i can

have a mess about with it
does it save as a midi file ?

when you make a drum part…
open bbm
click new song
right click main drum loop
import midi
see what it sounds like

all i can do for you at the moment

best wishes

tommy (from across the pond) IRELAND

Hey Tommy, thanks for that. I will be having a play with it this weekend. Been looking at how to map the midi notes to be BB friendly. There is a translation tool in Logic so it may be a case of load the EZD output into Logic, run the transform macro (that I will have set up previously) and save the midi out before loading into BBM. I will post back how it goes.

the Pbass drum kit w bass is helpful …it maps 2 kick & 2 snare spots
If you edit them in the range all the other drums are in …(eg, 38 snare)
it speeds up your work, & you can change to any drum you want afterwards ! :wink:

Great thank you, I will be trying this in the next couple of days!


The problem with BB is that it’s not multi-sampled good enough ( To few samples per instrument ) to be usable for most other grooves coming from other products like Ezdrummer 2 and Addictive Drums 2.

Especially snare drums ( also Hi-Hats & Toms ) where you need a lot of samples to make it sound real when you use ghost notes and other subtleties.

I’ve tried myself with grooves from Addictive Drums 2 who sounds fantastic within Addictive Drums 2 but totally suck when you transfer them to BB.

The good thing about BB is that you can edit the drumsets and put you own samples to replace the poorly sampled instruments like snares. The other obstacle is of course the 100 MB limit so you have to think wisely to make use of the available space.

Don’t get me wrong about the BB samples as they sound good per se, like when you just use the snare on the 2nd and 4th beat but certainly not if you start to use ghost notes as it start to sound more like a machine gun.

Agreed. The PBass kit follows the General Midi standard pretty well. If you can save your EZ Drummer beat as General Midi, you should be able to import them into the Beat Buddy and use the PBass kit with reasonable results. The PB kit has really sped up my work flow since it stays so close to the GM standard, I.e., needs little to no remapping.