Apple's Logic DAW can remap to BB !!!

After a ridiculous amount of searching looking for an OSX friendly way to automatically remap EZDrummer and GuitarPro midi to the BB format I ended up finding after all it was there in Logic all the time. There is a transform feature that allows you to create a user preset template to translate any to any note, track or other midi parameter with a select and click. The below is what it looks like.

Notice that the before has out of range EZDrummer notes. The transform preset is popped up over the screen showing the notes that will remap when Select and Operate is clicked on.

After the button is clicked it is transformed to BB so that the clip can just be saved and loaded to a BB song with Zero chance of missing a note manually or having to mess around with selecting and dragging notes in a midi editor.
Check out this link or the Logic help for details on the transformer object and universal map.–audio-1384

The transform map is based on this BBMidiRemap.PDF that I’d done to map all 0-127 EZDrummer/GtrPro notes to BB including the toms.

Hello, i’ve installed logic pro x, can you please explain the further remap process? I’d like to use the midi files later in sibelius 7 (which uses GM mapping too) Thanks a lot!

Hey there Reuben Nathaniel. The tutorial article and video in the link just above your reply were pretty helpful. Along with the remap file, you might have enough to get you started.

Thanks! i’ll get started and try :smiley: cheers. i’m still very unfamiliar with logic

How do you make the map preset? i think i need an easy step-by-step process. help would be appreciated :slight_smile: