Are there any ....

Just asking, are there any women on the forum??? Just posted a “chick” song… And wife asked. Interesting question though.

At least two, possibly more. Don’t know how actively engaged they might be with the forum though.

I wonder how we, as a group, can be more inviting.

Don’t know; would they be interested in songs from Pink, Kelly Clarkson or _______?

I posted an Etta James tune up :wink:

I’ve posted a few songs for the ladies. I am lucky to have a fantastic female singer that joins me now and again when I play out. I will have to post some videos. I should post some duets I have. You’re the Reason God made Oklahoma, Meet me in Montana. Great songs.

Being in a duo with a female singer I would love to see some more BeatBuddy songs geared towards females.

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Got anything specific in mind? Genre or singer? With or without bass? One-press?

Of the 250 or so local musicians I’m at least slightly acquainted with, less than half are female. Of those 100 or so female musicians, less than half are instrumentalists. Of those 40 or so female instrumental musicians, I can only think of 3 individuals who have a strong interest in technology and gear for its own sake.

On the other hand, of the 150 or so male musicians I know, the vast majority are instrumentalists. Of those 135 or so male instrumental musicians, at least 100 have a strong interest in technology and gear for its own sake (and at least 70 who border on obsession with technology and gear, perhaps me included)…

I don’t know why that is, but it’s probably one explanation for the heavy male skew in this and other music gear forums. I think that’s unfortunate, because usually a community is stronger when it has people who come from many different perspectives and who treat each other with respect.

Thank you Persist for your interest.

We cover a pretty wide spectrum of female vocalists - some of them being - Linda Ronstadt, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Etta James, Tracy Chapman, Melenie Safka, KT Turstall, Rita Coolidge, Melissa Ederidge, Sheryl Crow, Eva Cassidy, Pink, Cher…

We just started using the BeatBuddy at rehearsal and are pretty good at finding what we need ‘right out of the box’ but it would be nice to see some posted. As soon as I get used to using the pedal I plan on seeing what I can do to come up with some female vocalist based songs myself.

With a capo on our guitars she covers some Stones, Beatles, CCR, Neil Young, etc.

‘With bass’ songs would be nice (we get along without bass now), one press - as a BB novice sounds enticing.

Matt - my duo partner Mady has a few electric guitars, amps, harmony pedals (couldn’t decide on one) and uses OnSong on stage on her iPad. While not a big ‘gearhead’ she has no problem figuring out how she might enhance her strong (in my opinion) vocal talent. None the less, I do agree with what you say - it is too bad it seems to be that way.

I’m in the middle of Move Over by Janis .

Great song rknrne - we are now doing ‘Me and Bobby McGee’. I would like try an acoustic version of 'Move ‘Over’

I’ve just updated my latching/momentary pedal … my settings work again …yay !
The version of move over doesn’t have alot of the moving basslines of either janis or slade …lol
It might be better suited to acoustic :wink:
( do you have/want BMgee w bass?) / (what key ?)

We have never worked that on that song. Many times when we attempt a new song we end up having to use a capo to get to a comfortable singing key. Not sure what key we will end up doing it in. Having a bass would be nice but at this time I am not sure we need it.