Assign the functions of the main pedal to the accessory pedal

I would like to be able to assign the function of the main pedal to either one of the two accessory pedal switches… I mainly play at home and would love to be able to keep this beautiful pedal on my studio desk and operate it from the floor with the accessory switch…

I’d like to second this!
I love how it works now, but can see how something like this would work very well for me!

Good idea, you would just need a longer patch cable. I have requested in the past that all the fuctions of the main pedal should be assignable to the exteral pedal to allow for maximum flexibility. One thing I would like is to control the Beatbuddy manager from the foot pedal. When the BB is plugged into a computer, you then can control the software from the pedal, saving bending down etc… But this would be an easier solution.