Assignable output channel for each loop

It would be great to be able to assign the output of a loop to either L or R channel, effectively making the mixer more useful.
i.e. Loop 1 and 2 being sent to the L channel (channel 1) and 3 to 6 being sent to the R channel (channel 2) making it a two mono channel workstation.

Click could be easier to turn on and off in the looping page, not having to menu dive.

The interface looks like something from a Casio calculator. In this day and age, for the high price, I’d say the graphic interface needs a revamp.

These are my thoughts on day 3.

Hey there,

This request already exists, please check it out here feel free to add any thoughts there.

Because of this reason I’ll tag this as #duplicate and close the issue. I’ll leave it here for a week to give you time to see this.

Thanks for your involvement!